Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aw, Man! - BMT +42

So, on Saturday we said farewell to Ronald McDonald and his house:
And we headed home to Highwood. 

The transition was actually less rocky than some of our other ones, probably because we were all in it together. Saturday night I made spaghetti and (ok, faux) meatballs and we sat down at our own table to eat -- I think it was the finest meal I've eaten in months! 

And then everyone started to learn to adjust to life at home. Yael and David and Solly all started at their respective schools. I spent Monday morning in a hand-cramping whirl of paperwork and voila - back to school....

(I did, in fact, insist on a junior high first-day pic too but I will spare him the publicity...)

Sam did a bunch of eating and even went out to his favorite restaurant (Michael's, of course!) but last night (Monday), around 7pm, he was sitting snuggled up with Dad...and Michael realized that he was burning up. Sure enough, 101.7F bought us a ticket straight back to the Big House in Milwaukee. A long night spent in the ER and here we are, back in E583, our old haunt. (I didn't even have time to take any "at home" pictures!)

The sunrise view

So now we wait. Luckily he doesn't "appear sick" which is important. Who knows what could be brewing in his little body? They of course drew blood cultures and started antibiotics (2 of them!) to be on the safe side. He's not exactly happy to be back. I'm sure there will be a bit of a fuss today about being attached to a pole instead of a turtle shell backpack. Sigh. 

We will be here at least 48 hours while we await the cultures and the fever to subside. We always knew this was a possibility. They prepared us for it as we left the hospital, explaining both to us and to Sam that a lot of kids end up back here for short stays such as this -- it isn't a failure and it isn't something we could have prevented or changed. His body's system is still new and fragile and we are taking all necessary care and precautions. 

It does seem a little unfair, though, doesn't it? Oh well. As I always say, let this be the worst of it. A few quiet days in the hospital are far preferable to what "could be." Now I'm off to drink coffee and convince Sam of that.....

P.S. Solly is the one who says "aw, man!" when things don't go his way....!


  1. Aw, man, indeed. I am so sorry. Argh.

    May the setback be temporary and easily-addressed.

  2. I'm with Solly and Rachel Barenblat. Aw, man...

    xoxo from NYC,
    ~ Jane.

  3. Rocky road, but G-d willing, it'll all end up ok.

  4. Solly is right.....as usual. I hope this hiccup in the plan is short and soon forgotten.
    The Kalman Family

  5. Back soon to the turtle backpack!

  6. Hey Sam!
    We are the Lipkins in Copley, Ohio. And our family is sending you a big Awwww....man! And we really, really hope you feel better soon!

  7. Awwww, man! Indeed! Feel better, much better soon, Sam!

  8. A temporary setback, I feel in my bones. Feel better, Sammy. Soon you'll be home again with your backpack and your family.

  9. Carl has recently taken to saying "Aw Snap!" Hard to take issue with that when he also says, "I can agree with that" (especially when pointing out how illogical his plan to ride the bus to school -- a new option for him this year -- is given the speed with which he is getting ready for the day!)