Thursday, March 13, 2014


Sam at 90 days old:

Sam, 90 days before he died:
A song came through my playlist today. It's a beautiful and sad song: Clouds by Zach Sobiech. Zach wrote it shortly before he died of pediatric cancer in May of 2013. When he died, I cried, just like I do whenever I hear of another child taken by the plague of cancer. But I digress.

The song came on today in the car, and Solly was with me. I don't think he's ever heard the song before. As it began and a few bars played, he said,

"This song has me and Sammy in it."

How did he know?!

Sammy is always on his mind.
Sammy is always on my mind.
He's on everyone's mind in our family.
With every moment, with every song, he's on our minds.

Ninety days have passed.
A blink.
And an eternity.


  1. My thoughts and love go out to all of you...

  2. If I could just send my love and hugs. Solly will always remember him.

  3. Remember how, as parents, we blinked and they were 90 days old. Except we were exhausted and amazed at how we'd gotten there? A blink and an eternity. What a gift that Sammy is on Solly's mind. Purim is topsy turvy, as you said last post, and your life is topsy turvy. Nothing to do but be in it, find the moments of peace in Shabbat, and the moments of joy in Purim. Shabbat shalom, chag sameach, and hugs and support always.

  4. This was the video I shared with my 2nd grade music classes when we heard the news about Sammy. A lot of Sammy's classmates/friends found it helpful, beautiful, and sad too. They didn't want me to turn it off. I repeated it a few times in some classes. They just wanted to keep singing it. We all love Sammy and miss him much.

  5. Thinking of you and your beautiful family this Shabbat, as always.

  6. 90--that's a steep angle, but a sharp arrow of reminders. We've looked at clouds from both sides now, and Sammy is both our sadness and our rainbow. Like Solly, how can we keep from singing?

  7. Love and prayers and more love