Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nurses ROCK Our World

Each day is a new opportunity, especially in the hospital.
Waiting for Sam to wake up...
I never know, when we get up, if it's going to be a good day or a difficult day.
Things did not start out in a promising fashion today.

There was a fight argument discussion, which actually culminated in Sam getting out of bed in a huff.
"FINE! I'll go for a walk!" he though he were doing me a favor. (Which, actually, is fine by me.)

Just then, our amazing nurse L walked in with a scavenger hunt that she had created just for him. (Incredible, right!?)
This is actually after we completed it, hence the answers filled in.
Since cousin Dan was also visiting, he helped us with the scavenger hunt. Sam loved it. He had so much fun - I haven't seen him spend this much time out of his room, walking around, or enjoying himself in quite a while. It was awesome. And the other nurses all knew what was going on (they had helped L create the scavenger hunt) and they thought it was great.
Using an iPod to take a picture of one of the things he was supposed to find.
Checking out the "bubblers" (that's what we call them in Milwaukee) - there are 2 on the unit. P.S. Like his Superman Sam shirt? That's thanks to my online buddy and awesome creative artist, R. Jean Roth! WOW.
Clearly we are in Wisconsin. The clue said, "Find the world's greatest football player with a mouse." I don't think Sam realized this is a Green Bay Packer or he wouldn't be grinning quite so widely. My crazy little Chicago Bears fan.
We counted rooms (24) and exit signs (15 but I think we miscounted) and even the spots on the floor (they're big and we counted 21)...there were also a few required "interviews" - find the nurse in blue scrubs and ask her what her favorite color is, find the nurse with a get the idea.
Incredible staff and GREAT sports...3 nurses and a pharmacist.
It was like magic. Sam loved it. In the middle, we took a short break for ice cream and pie (thanks, Dan for bringing it and to Aunt Mary and Uncle Marty for helping to pick it out.)
Eating pie and ice cream. We hear that Haagen Daaz has the highest calorie count. Good choice!
Then we went back to the hunt...and here's the last picture, with the amazing nurse L....
You can tell that he loves her. He's trying SO hard not to smile.
I am simply in awe and amazement at the above-and-beyond that she and all the nurses have done for us. It was incredible today to see how much joy they derived from Sam's activity level. We have shared many of the treats that have been sent our way and they love it, but I know that we can't possibly thank them enough for the care and wisdom and kindness that they have shown us.

A little gaming with cousin Dan and we ended our day with popcorn and a movie.
I think he'll sleep well tonight!


In medical news, Sam still isn't eating much and we're hoping that will change soon. We tried a selection from the high-calorie smoothie menu but Sam thought it was a little gross. (I tasted it and it um, sorta was gross.) There is a tiny little rise in his "counts" and the doctor explained that I shouldn't get my hopes up but this probably hopefully is the beginning of the upswing. Keep up the prayers, and the tehillim, and everything else that you're all doing...we can feel it. Thank you.


  1. When I read the word "upswing" I literally clapped. I'm so glad Sam had a good, active and fun day thanks to that awesome staff. May he have many, many more. And so happy the t-shirt got there; he looks so cute in it -- oops, I mean, superhero-awesome. :)

  2. Awesome on all accounts, all things considered. Sounds like you guys are in great hands. Hopefully more hunts (and higher counts) are in the future!

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  4. If Sam needs help eating more or gaining weight, I'll be right there! I'm an expert on eating and gaining weight. Tried the new Oreo Cookie stuffed Dunkin Doughnut? Its great. opps, I hear they are delicious!

  5. fabulous nursing staff, indeed.
    also fabulous patient, and parents, btw.

  6. Glad for a good, fun and active day. Hope there will be many more to follow.

  7. How wonderful that the nurses are helping to care for Sam's spirit just as much as his body. What a blessing.

    Sending loads of good, healthy, hungry, healing thoughts straight to your pint-sized superhero.


  8. Good nurses are definitely the key to a good hospital stay. Glad you have some on your unit! It's about the right time for an upswing in counts, here's to very cautious optimism!

  9. Rabbi and family and especially SAM!!
    I have read every single post and can say that today's was my favorite! (I am a social worker at a hospital closer to our synagogue Am Shalom, so I may have a soft spot for innovative hospital staff!) But Sam, way to go!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of your hunt and all that it entailed. The prayers are coming strong from the entire Nathan family and look for a small goodie soon! Lots of love and Misheberach prayers up to WI.
    Rachel Nathan

  10. I know that nurses rock!........... since I am one........ lol!

    Daniel Sinkhorn