Sunday, July 8, 2012

What Movies Do You Want to Watch, Sammy?

What an amazing day to spend with Sam.

Rabbi Roger and I relieved Uncle Josh before noon. We had three incredible walks downstairs and in the Healing Garden. We had good food, popcorn and watched Transformers 3 (appropriately inappropriate for Sam's tastes).

For weeks every time I told Sam that I downloaded a new movie for his iPad he would ask "Is it inappropriate?" Finally I asked him, "Sam, what does inappropriate mean to you?" and he answered "Well, inappropriate movies have more action and more things blow up than in a Disney movie." (Clearly he has no memory of all the explosions and crashes in Cars 2, Finding Nemo or Mulan!)

So two days ago he watched Transformers with his mother (I swear neither of them understood it. I mean really, it is a movie inspired by a cartoon that was inspired by a toy. What more do you need to understand? Enough said. Phyl's note: Yes, this is true. I don't think there was much plot in that film. And I had trouble telling bad guys from good guys. I kept asking Sam to keep it straight for me.)

Yesterday he watched Transformers 2 with his Uncle Josh and Sam told me, "It was just all one big war." And today we enjoyed watching the third installment in the series.

Later in the day our good friends the Gersteins came to visit with their middle son, Jack. Sam and Jack played games while all the adults caught up. Sam and Jack had a lot of fun playing FastTrack, Sam's new favorite game.
Of course our day was made most amazing by Nurse L (the same one who made the great scavenger hunt the other day) who kept Sam feisty and laughing as he continues to deny that he loves her or that they are even friends (every time she walks in, she says "how's my best friend?" and he says "we are NOT friends," all the while trying to hide his grin.) She kept us all in smiles with her jokes and warm disposition. We had fun playing with the accessories that came with Sam's new Muppet, especially the wigs.

A great day should always be filled with great fun, great food and great friends. This day had it all and then some. Much love to everyone who shared it with us.

The prayers are clearly working. Keep up the great work.


  1. Oh my gosh, that last picture - awesomesauce! Sam, you look like a Beyblades character!

  2. Superman (A.K.A.), Sam,

    Glad to hear that your counts are coming up and that you are getting such wonderful care. It is great to see that you are more up and around. Special blessings were said in the Northwoods at camp last week. Love the green punk hairdo, and the grimace goes perfect with the "do".

    Keep on charging,

    Dr. P

  3. Sam...when your hair starts growing back, you should grow it like the green hair in the picture. You look great! Or maybe you can grow a purple mohawk. Hmmm....lots of possibilites.