Monday, July 30, 2012

Superheroes abound! (Round 2, Day 6)

Sam lived up to his superhero powers today. He walked fifty laps while peppering his various walking companions with questions and random facts the entire time. With each lap he harassed Nurse L2 with tickles and wit as she fought back valiantly with her own tickles and wit.

Sam wore his new Chicago Bears slippers for every lap. I had to tamp down his anti-Greenbay Packers sentiments in fear of the staff giving him a tickle beat down. He seemed unafraid, but curtailed his taunts to his inner monologue.

Bubbie visited for a little and helped Sam open all his mail. My friends from Paris (France), Rabbi Tom and his wife Rabbi Pauline visited from camp. They took a video greeting of Sam for his brother David and then bid us adieu. Sam loved the Mini Eiffel Tower Lego set and keychain they brought with the pictures of their son at the real Eiffel Tower.

The afternoon saw nausea win a battle, but Sam rallied after a bit. Especially since he wanted to watch Spiderman 2 after watching Spiderman at lunch time.

Sam encouraged me to put up the SmugMug superhero photos and hand-picked the ones he liked best to go up. The wall and photos look AMAZING. J from Child Life got us some colored butcher paper and up they went. Thanks again to everyone in every picture. We love them.

All in all the highs of the day were too high for the lows to really get us down. Sam is safe in bed dreaming already healed as his spirit and body rest in preparation for another day filled with Sammy brilliance.

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  1. The smug mug masks are some spectacular makeup work! I must check out that site. On Sunday, We had a great time as Superman Sam and his sidekick Ben K played a Star Wars version of Trouble, then smashed cars with great, er, exuberance :) and then finished with some hexbugs before a bit of afternoon snack. A two hour playtime could wear out parents and other lesser mortals, but only barely began to tire out this dynamic duo at the end.... Even superheros need a beverage and good snack now and then! Ben also hopes Sam likes the Angry birds pic he drew for him, and the Superhero coloring and puzzles book for slower days... Next time maybe the beachball...? Also greatly enjoyed getting to know Josh.
    Until next time! With much love,
    Ben and his sidekicks Steve and Stephanie