Monday, July 30, 2012

Some of the incredible pics-o-healing

Here are some of the incredible pictures we received from SmugMug (the full facial superhero make up pics are awesome!!) and our incredible friends and family.

Sam slept late, but woke up in an incredible mood with a huge smile. We went over morning questions left over from Star Wars Episode 2 ("why did Anakin's mom get sold?")

During rounds they said his numbers are still good for now (ANC 2500).
I will take as many good days as I can grab.
So we are looking forward to being unplugged in a bit and walking the halls of this entire facility.
Already healed and closer to home.
Infinite love and gratitude to you all.


  1. Whoa -- you've got the coolest walls ever, SuperSam!!!

  2. Hope you were able to use the Power Ranger pic. but don't take off the backing or you will be paying to repaint the wall!

  3. Like the walls...and LOVE the slippers! Hope you're doing lots of walking around in those!