Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On the sidelines of a cellular war

The waiting in the near silence of murmuring machines while the cellular war is waged within my Sam is enough to drive me mad. We can all grasp Sam's life being weighed in the balance here. But few can truly grasp the numerical size of the war being waged.

On the outside we witness a boy struggling to maintain his spirit and wit without completely telling the adult world where they can stick their food, stethoscopes, bells and whistles. On the inside his cells wage a war numbering billions easily, perhaps in the trillions. The goal is to eliminate all the leukemia down to the very last cell while keeping Sam alive. The doctors, nurses and their chemicals are doing everything they can to vanquish Sam's foe valiantly so he may live to thrive for many decades and see his own children run about his legs.

The boy cares for none of this. Surely he wishes to live above all else. But he dreams of home, family and friends, not this world of strangers where his loved ones visit in trickles rather than the torrents of friends and family always flowing through his home.

We all have our banners raised for Team Sam as we wage and win this war with love, spirit and prayer in addition to medical prowess, technology and magical potions.
Sam is a true warrior inside and out. May we all be inspired to understand the wonders that live within us and the blessings those wonders allow us to bring into this world.

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