Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day of Healing {Day 16}

I would start with "I swept in during the dark of night..." but really, yesterday I strolled in much earlier than expected around 6:45 pm to Sam and a table of kids doing puzzles and asking questions when they needed help. As already stated, bath time was fun and uneventful, even if I wish I never had to draw another bath. Yet I know there are so many more baths that will need to be drawn. I look forward to the baths, months from now, without a central line or aquaguards, or even a hospital room. If I can't dream of times to come then I might as well not dream at all...

Sam slept well through the night while allergies woke me in the middle. Thank goodness for allergy meds. Sam woke for a moment in the morning and then crawled back into bed where he rested quietly until almost time for class. While he slept I ordered him a banana for breakfast.

We both got out of bed ten minutes before his tutor arrived. He ate his breakfast and then he and his tutor tucked into reading and math. Sam read to her beautifully. His reading skills continue to get better and better. I was quite impressed.

After rounds we lit out onto the floor and proceeded to do laps. Sam was up for the challenge so we walked 31 laps before 11 am, almost 1.3 miles straight out the gate. Most of the time I tested Sam's mental math skills since he had to figure out all the answers in his mind. We worked on addition with three numbers, multiplication, and division. We talked percentages and fractions a bit and I taught him how to figure out the square root of a few numbers and what it meant to square a number. When I ran out of math questions I started in on Harry Potter trivia. I tested Sam's knowledge of the characters, their animals and best friends. Sam impressed me with his ability to remember most of what he knows about Harry Potter. We had a fun time chatting away the laps and keeping our minds keen.

Afterwards, we returned to the room for some drawing and a pre-lunch snack. Judi and Max dropped in because Max had an appointment at the hospital (quick healing Max) and Max drew an amazing freehand picture of a frog that Sammy loved. A little after that Bubbe and Zayde arrived with a much cherished (and devoured) fish sandwich. They kicked me out of the room to avoid getting the Hospital Twenty (similar to the freshman fifteen, but much harder to work off).  While I was at the Wisconsin Athletic Club across the street, Zayde and Sam played math games, even one that included rolling dice and creating math problems from the roll of the dice. They had a great time together.

Bubbe and Zayde left with dirty laundry in hand a few minutes after my return. Sammy felt a little nauseous a bit after that so we stayed around the room. Sammy drew a lot of pictures today.

 Sam's version of a Whangdoodle

Sam's most intricate drawing of the day with animals above and animals underground

 Just before bedtime the music therapist showed up and asked Sam if he'd like some music. The movie was quickly paused and shut off with a resounding "I'd love music!"

Sam loved playing the drums, large and small and played the beat to whatever songs the therapist sang. Then they played a song game where Sam had to play certain beats when she sang certain words to "In the Jungle." It was a great end to a mellow and satisfying day of healing. Every morning the docs talk about how Sam's immune system is still non-existent and yet the boy we spend the day with is inquisitive, funny, snarky, hungry and occasionally a little nauseous. He is a marvel. He gives me strength. He gives me hope that all this is working and he can handle anything we throw at him towards his eventual bone marrow transplant and a long life of health.

Every moment of the day was blessed with Sam's shining spirit which is the strongest thing helping all us adults get through this ordeal. Thank you to all of you who help make the days go quickly and all your prayers that fill our lives with warmth and love. Together with the cards and all your support they continue to help us tackle each day, one at a time, as the sun rises and sets.

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