Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Here we are {day 2}

Did you know that when they send up the chemo in bags (as opposed to syringes) the kind folks in pharmacy put stickers on the bags?
Cute little stickers. This week it's been owls.

The bag is filled with, in essence, poison. It's important and useful and scientifically awesome poison. But nevertheless, it's poison. In a bag with a cute little owl.

Really....things are going fine.
Racing against his mom
There were laps and smoothies ("I'm off hamburgers, now, mom. I'm into smoothies.") and lemonade and some silly games with Rabbi Steve, who is a great hospital entertainer...even if he did bring a rubber chicken that makes terribly annoying noises.
 There was a lot of drawing and reading. A lot of happy silly Sam.

Some of the food started to seem "not right" to him. And he decided to forgo the last few laps which would have put him into the lead on the lap-recording board because his tummy was bothering him.

So far...well, we're here.
And that's about all we've got for now.

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  1. Sam, my team and I are proud to see you in your Team In Training shirt. We'll be biking and running on some pretty tough hills tomorrow in preparation for the June 29 triathlon. We know we can't quit when we're tired because you're not a quitter. Keep up the good fight, Superman Sam! We're cheering for you in St. Louis.