Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Step at a Time {day 24}

Rabbi Shari came to visit us this morning. She challenged Sam to a little friendly competition. She is a serious walker and and she wears a pedometer. She loaned him her spare (yes, she has a spare in her purse) so he could see if he could walk 10,000 steps. Together they walked....quite a few. I can't even remember. I couldn't keep up let alone get a picture of this craziness! (You can sponsor her birthday walk in the Avon Walk this weekend here.)

For the rest of the day, Sam worked on some multi-tasking:

Halfway there!
 He discovered that he could lay on the bed and move his legs, and the pedometer would register. Yeah. accurate are those numbers? Well, if he's moving, I'm happy. So we'll call it a day. Sorry, Shari...

Around lunchtime, Rabbi Steve came to visit. We are actually certain that we're winning for "most rabbi visitors in a week" -- especially if you count Mom and Dad!

Rabbi Steve likes to make an entrance:
"I'm just lion around," he said to Sam....yeah. He did.
Sam continued to be his feisty, cantankerous self. He definitely made Dr. K chase him around the room a bit to do the stethoscope-listening-thing. We can't complain about his energy level, right? We can't complain about much at this point. Sam is eating, drinking, moving, talking, he even started to learn the Presidents thanks to Teacher Teresa. (Once you've moved beyond Stack the States and Stack the Countries, the next game to try is Presidents vs. Aliens. Have a good presidential chart handy.)

Okay, so we CAN complain about the continued uncertainty of his labwork. The whole thing continues to concern our medical team, and today his ANC had a little dip down to 60. The bone marrow biopsy is officially scheduled for tomorrow morning....and hopefully we will have some very concrete answers, but most likely not until Friday. 

No matter what the results are, we know that we are not at the end of our journey. We are still very much in the middle, even somewhat near the beginning, depending on how you look at it. The doctors are being incredibly attentive and answering every question I throw at them -- even the ones to which they just have to say, "I don't know." I do know that they have contingency plans and ideas and options. The only way to go is forward. And so we keep on step at a time.
10,000 steps! *at 9:35pm...finally!

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