Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Chemo {Day 15}

Did you know that sometimes the chemo protocols start with Day 0? No one could quite explain to me why the first day of our inpatient stay and chemo protocol was called Day 0, as opposed to Day 1. So while we here on our blog are sure that we've been in the hospital for 15 days, today was only Day 14 of our chemo protocol. Whatever works for these medical people....whatever gets my kid where we need to go...

Day 14 was a BIG DAY! It was the LAST day. Woo hoo!

It was totally uneventful, as you can imagine:
It was so uneventful I almost missed taking this picture of it! Sam is watching a movie.
The rest of the day was too. There were math games with Zeyde...

Crossword puzzles with Bubbie...

Laps with Mom....

Headstands in bed... (yeah, I like that you can see the "Fall Risk"yellow wristband he's wearing while doing a headstand in his bed. Oy vey.)

Dinner from a local Mexican place was well-received by Sam, who pronounced it "just like Tacos el Norte" and therefore perfect. (Milwaukee's Mexican restaurants clearly have a high standard to live up to -- we've yet to match Curry Hut but thankfully we can somewhat replicate our favorite local Mexican joint!)

And Sam was thrilled to see Dad when he came up late this evening! So thrilled that they decided to take a bath for old times' sake! Okay, just kidding. A week without a bath was enough to make for a slightly stinky Sam. And the conversation went like this:

Sam: I said I wasn't taking a bath for 18 days!
Me: But I didn't agree to that.
Sam: You said I didn't have to take a bath for a loooong time!
Me: Good point. A week IS a long time to go without a bath. Do you want to do it now before Dad gets here?
Sam: No, he got really good at it. He likes it!

This was not true, as evidenced by the look on Michael's face when I told him that Sam needed a bath tonight! Oh well. A bath was had and I can tell from this picture that they sent me that it was not so bad...

And now the waiting begins. His counts have almost completely bottomed out and we are now just in the "awaiting counts recovery" phase. They tell us this could last quite a long time -- we just take it one day at a time....

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