Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Laps & Laughs {Day 17}

While cloudy and rainy outside, it was sunshine and laughter inside all day. Sam woke in a great mood ready to hit the ground running. His energy never ceases to amaze me. His spirit and drive urge me on and keep me thinking one step ahead of him. After morning instructions and acquiring some no-slip socks (a small blister from yesterday's laps put the crocs on the sideline) we whipped through thirty laps. Two-thirds of the triplets saw us walking and joined us on our quest while their third rested and worked on his own healing in his room. They added some extra conversation and laughter to our laps. Laps finished, we adjourned to the central table to color and draw. 
Sam loved seeing Bubbe and Zayde walk through the door. Left alone to their own devices they immediately got down to their old mathematical antics. They loved playing the new dice game while I waited for another friend downstairs who was coming up for a visit.
After everyone left, close to dinner, Rabbi and his wife from Chai Lifeline dropped in with gifts for the whole family and Chinese food. We had such a nice visit. Our family has appreciated their support from the first months last summer when Sam was admitted to the hospital. Sam tried the Chinese food (impressive), but of course requested a Filet-O-Fish sandwich pronto. Whatever gets him to eat is worth the extra effort. 

The days seem just to blur into each other. Sam has no immune system, but that doesn't seem to slow him down at all. In CancerLand this is all so normal. He's in a safe place where the medicines and chemicals work to cure him and keep him alive. Eating is an olympic event and walking a mile is like running a marathon. And yet it all flows so casually. One minute into the next, morning into afternoon, afternoon into evening. Our favorite nurses in and our favorite nurses out. Math, geography, languages, dragons, SpongeBob, Full House, Fairly Odd Parents, the topics and entertainments keep us sharp and company throughout our day. 

Everyone talks about Sam's courage and spirit. None of this would be possible without it. His light keeps us charged and upbeat in the face of the daily medical grind. He has to drive the course because he is living this. He and I both know it could be worse. Every now and then I hear a story of someone having a much worse day than Sam and wish them healing and health as I give thanks for all my blessings and those showered upon Sam. In his humor and light demeanor Sam is a clear example of the good in all this and his ability to handle whatever is thrown at him. May it always be so. May our laughter always make our days seem like minutes and may all prayers comfort everyone sleeping here each night. Thank you all for your neverending love and support. 


  1. Your courage in the face of his fight is amazing. Your courage gives him his attitude and his attitude affects all who know him and strengthens them in turn. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Thinking of you all daily and praying! This journey is almost like living in a time warp. There are days that seem to go on forever, but we turn around and Boom! - a week has flown by....and another, and another. Praying that we all have many, many more weeks, months, and years to spend joyfully with our loved ones.