Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shabbat with Baths, Family and Friends {Day 6}

Friday morning Sam got to do what he loves best: startle his doctor on her morning check-in (on the rare occasion when he wakes up before she can check on him like the ninja he's training her to be). Sam gets such a kick if, as her sensei, he can get a jump on her and startle her. This morning sensei 1 - Dr. Ninja student 0.

Sam enjoyed his session with his tutor, did a few laps and then the art therapist showed up.
Sam was in heaven as he got to spin paint, paint with a roller, and create some beautiful pieces (messy to begin with, beautiful once dry) to hang up someday.

Afterwards Sam's favorite (almost not frenemy), Nurse LA dropped by. Days and counting we don't know how many more days she has to harass Sam or Sam has to harass her (since she's expecting a baby any minute!). So they are cherishing each moment they have to pick on each other and joke around.

Midday Uncle Josh drove in for the Shabbat switch and I drove home to see the rest of the family and prepare for services. Uncle Josh brought Sammy's favorite dish from Curry Hut which Sammy dug into during a good moment in the day.

Shabbat morning the whole family got up, had breakfast and headed north to spend some time with Sammy. I prepped to relieve Uncle Josh and entered a room filled with a smiling Sam, a packed Uncle Josh, Bubbe & Zayde. A few minutes later the whole gang rolled in.

Nurse K was very concerned that Yael was looking in need of having her vitals checked. Nurse K spent the whole day making us feel as if Sammy was her only patient in the world. Her smile and cheer made Sammy shine and seemed to make time go quickly.

David and Sam had fun playing on the iPad together and using Sam's new bow and arrow that Uncle Josh made with him.

After the whole family left Sammy's friend and his mom came to visit to help cheer Sammy up. Despite a few bouts of vomiting, Sammy refused to led his nausea get the best of him. He bounced back each time (and his friend handled it quite well too) and resumed playing. The two had sword fights, talked worlds around each other, shot the bows all over the room. It was great watching them have as normal a day as possible.

 In the middle Mrs. B., Sam's sunday school teacher, came to visit and drop off some gifts. They threesome played some darts and math games with the darts keeping track of their scores.

 And just when you thought the day couldn't get any better than that our family friends showed up with their whole clan.

Once again Sam had a great time showing off his new bow and arrow and everyone tool turns shooting the arrows around the room. The kids did an art project painting a decorative box with a smock on the floor as a work space and smocks enough for everyone. It was really fun watching them play and interact together. In the middle of the painting the kids noticed a gift the day's rains had left us.

If you look very carefully you can see the rainbow that arched across our late afternoon sky to bless us.
After a long day of baths and playing with family and friends, Sam now lies quietly in his bed. Our most wonderful Nurse E will stand guard over us throughout the night. We will rest easy knowing she stands vigil over our our resting bodies. Another day successfully outmaneuvered. Another day filled with family, friends and blessings galore. When the sun sets and Shema has been sung it is hard to believe we've made it through one more day on the HOT unit. It is what it is. We make the best of each day, there's not much alternative. But having help like we had today makes anything seem possible. Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. We hear and feel them all and they carry us through each and every day.

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  1. OK, those pictures of Sam and Nurse LA are too funny. What a goofball! So adorable and silly. :)