Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mellow {day 11}

Today was another mellow, happy day for Mr. Sam.

He had a wonderful visit from his friend Asher and Mrs. P, his art teacher (who happens to be Asher's mom -- how cool is that?!) and they did some great creative work together.
Sam spent a lot of the day moving beyond the States and into the Countries -- Stack the Countries, that is. It's funny to walk laps with Sam and discuss what he's learned. Hearing him pronounce the names of countries (Russia? Try pronouncing it how an emerging reader would do it...) makes me giggle, and I know it makes the staff giggle as they listen to our conversations. I think we serve as an excellent source of entertainment for many members of the staff!
Do you notice Sam's amazing quilt made for him by the Devorah ladies? He loves it and so do I!
Yael and Grandma also came for a little visit (and she went out with me and Bubbie for a little girls' time while Grandma worked on countries with Sam), and the day was pronounced "good."
(Our school had early release, hence the school-age visitors on a school day. Sam pointed out that summertime will be much better for weekday visitors!)
In today's mail, Sam was deputized as Junior Deputy U.S. Marshal. I feel safer already in our room!
He thought that was incredibly cool. We spent a little time discussing, however, that his acceptance of the certificate did not mean that he was required to choose this as a future career path. He seemed relieved. (With thanks to Dad's friend, A, who set this one up for our little future lawyer!)
Protector of the Pole
He's still hungry a lot, as I said yesterday, but I keep trying to convince him to eat something other than McDonald's. Today I did one of those sneaky-mama things. He asked for some pretzels and not only did I order pretzels, but also a string cheese and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When it came, I just put it all in front of him and he ate it! Sneaky but effective, right?

Sam is feeling well but he is just a little bit tired out. This is totally to be expected (and a documented side effect of some of these drugs) and so he's chilling out tonight with a movie (Hotel Transylvania) and some snacks. We did get our nightly walk downstairs, but I think the whole thing just wore the poor kiddo out. I am taking this opportunity to write tonight's blog post a little early and hoping for a quiet night....


  1. Mellow is good. That quilt is so beautiful. What a lovely gift. I hope you all had a happy Shavuot.

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