Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We Have Plans

It's hard to know what to expect.
Sam is feeling okay. A little tired, happy to sit at home and watch movies or television.
A trip to the arcade.
Back to the go-karting place.

The labs don't say "okay."
Elevated white count.
Considerable peripheral leukemic blasts.
Low platelets.

So we tanked him up with platelets.
Added a new drug to the cocktail.

He has plans:
Roller coasters.

Sam shared his plans with Dr. M, who is going to help us keep him moving forward with them.

Our goal is to take care of him.
Our goal is to keep him comfortable.
We're looking for a quality of life that allows him to look ahead, that allows him to make plans.

It's not perfect.
It's so very far from perfect.
It's, in fact, the farthest farthest farthest point away from perfect I could ever imagine.

But it's what we have.
Making each day count.

We have plans.


  1. enjoy every day you have together in this world
    Actually, that's a good lesson for all.

  2. I agree with Batya. And, if there is anything at all we can do to help with the plans, please, please let us know. We are around, and we'd love to help however we can.

  3. Looking forward to reports and pictures of roller coasters and trampolines.

  4. What Batya said. sending love--lots of it.

  5. People say when you make plans, God laughs. I don't think God will be laughing at these plans...keep going strong Sam!!!

  6. sending you warmth and hugs and tefillot. may the chanukah light bring much light to your family.

  7. Sweet Sam, I think of you so often.
    Rollercoasters huh? Have a blast! I myself like my feet planted firmly on the ground. I would've been the one with your mom (with my feet planted securely on the ground!) while you took that helicopter ride in Israel. This Thanksgiving I am so thankful that you are surrounded by such wonderful family and friends…some you know, many you don't. We continue to think of you and pray for you. Happy Hanukkah across the miles. With much love from Boston. xo

  8. In my belief system we are all sent to this earthly life for a reason, some of us discover it early & it is simple & easy. Some discover their reason later, maybe it is a struggle, a difficult road. Sadly, some never discover their reason for living among others. It is certainly not for me to say what anyone else's mission in life is.....what I would say about Sam & the entire Sommer family is that you are all showing us how important is each minute of every day.

    I am so grateful Phyllis continues this blog, sharing with us, family, friends, strangers the joys, struggles, absurdity and heartbreak of their journey. We must all learn from, benefit from, the lessons shared -- it is the only way to make sure this mega tsurris means something.