Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just Like Sam

Isn't it always the case that little brothers want to be like their big brothers?

I remember when Sammy wanted to be just like David...which was pretty much always.

But especially when it came to David's stuff.

Like the video game controllers....David would hand him one without the batteries so he could "play along."
September 2007 -- Sam was nearly 3 years old.
Yes, Guitar Hero was big in our house in 2007. Sam obviously couldn't do it but he definitely wanted to try!
Solly found Sammy's shoes the other day. The ones I hadn't been able to put away. The ones I bought for him at Mayfair Mall in October. The ones that light up. The ones he loved.
Solly insisted on wearing them. "Sammy's light-up shoes," he calls them.
Oh, right, and did I mention that he also wanted to wear an Ironman costume?
And the backpack. Oh, the turtle backpack. "Just like Sammy," he says.
I'm pretty sure that was Sammy's hat too.
"When Sammy gets better, we're going to go swimming," he tells me.

Oh, Solly.
I so wish that were true.

And secretly? I think I'm glad that he talks about Sam as though he might just walk in the door at any moment. I definitely find myself wondering where he is, why I'm coming up short in counting, calling out a series of names...David, Sam, Yael, when Solly talks about him like's a little stab in my heart, but it also feels right. So I let him.... 
August, 2007
May, 2007


  1. Oh Solly. Oh Phyllis.

    I would be glad too.

    Tears and love.

  2. Love the photos. The sweetness, even with the stab.

  3. Solly will lead the way for you.

  4. Close to each other's hearts. Love with the tears. Solly is saying what you all feel.

  5. I send love to you and your beautiful kids.

  6. the pics are so sweet. thank you for sharing. sending warmth and hugs.

  7. I think you are wise to allow Solly to speak of Sammy in the present tense and the future. He is far too young to comprehend what has happened. And to "correct" his tenses all the time would be confusing to him. What sweet photographs.

  8. These blogs are making all of us more and more like Sammy every day! Just speaking for myself, I think my heart has grown at least two sizes since Sam.