Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's almost Purim.
Purim is a topsy-turvy holiday -- we're supposed to be silly. Things are supposed to be upside-down.
And it's supposed to be fun.

We make hamantaschen...every year.

My heart's not in it. Our first real holiday without Sammy.

But I am going through the motions.
I've ordered Purim costumes.
I've made hamantaschen.
Because the kids demanded it.
How could I say no?

Fake it til you make it, right?

It all feels so topsy-turvy.

Sammy LOVED Purim. He loved making hamantaschen. He loved dressing up in costumes. He loved the carnival.

It all feels more topsy-turvy than ever.

Last year...
Making hamantaschen last year
2012 - an angry pig from Angry Birds
Purim 2010, a dragon costume (Solly's about to grow into this one)
From 2011 -- he couldn't decide what to be so he dug through all the costumes and picked this one. I think it is Boba Fett?

2010, delivering mishloach manot (food gifts)
2009 - horsehead + pajamas (Yael is a fairy)
2009 - eating hamantaschen
2009 - making hamantaschen!
2008 - a little bumblebee


  1. These are such great photos. What a beautiful little purim loving boy. <3

  2. These are exquisite and lovely and prove again, we can never have enough photos. Thinking of all of you with love

  3. He will be there in everything you do. Use his grogger, boo louder, take out things he made and eat his favorite hamantaschen. He will be there with you.

  4. You have raised this little soul who found such joy in being Jewish.
    You'll feel him with you every Purim and other holiday....with that sweet face.
    I think about you often

  5. The kids are right. Follow their lead. Purim Sameach!

  6. Love those costumes. Can I ask you where you got the fuzzy/furry green and yellow dragon? My son wore the same one when he was about 5 and he is battling cancer.

  7. Talk about topsy-turvy! I just found this entry in my SPAM folder! I'm glad I "rescued" it, even if it had to be a sort of sad "celebration." Purim, so lovely a day, so hard a loss. Your turn to be Esther, her heart for her family.