Thursday, November 8, 2018

I'm Sure

Dear Sammy,

I bet you wouldn't be into turtles any more.
I mean, I'm sure we'd still have your friend Speedy living in the house, but you'd have a new interest. 

I'm pretty confident that you would have a phone and be SUPER excited for today, the day that you would have been able to sign up for Instagram and Snapchat. 

I'm sure that you would NOT be thrilled to wake up and go to school today.
I'm sure that you would not be thrilled with early wake ups any day. After all, you'd be a teenager now.

I'm sure that you would be reading books and watching tv shows and movies that are "way above your paygrade" because I'm sure that you'd be taking recommendations from your big brother. And I'm sure that you'd be sharing them with Yael, so I'd have that to cope with as well. 

I'm sure that we'd be DEEP in the prep for your Bar Mitzvah today, so deep that I probably might say, "are you sure you want donuts?" and you would look at me and maybe you'd even joke: "mom, I had cancer. You can't go get me some simple donuts on my birthday?" And we'd laugh. Because I'm pretty sure that we would have so much to laugh about.

I'm sure that I would still be worrying about you a lot, but I'm here to tell you that is a parent's job. So I'm pretty sure that I would tell you how I plan to be annoying to you for a long time to come. Because that's what we say in our family. 

I'm sure of all of this.

But what I'm surest about is how much we miss you.

Today you are 13. And you are forever 8.
I'm sure that isn't right.


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  1. I'm sure he's watching you and laughing from Olam Haba.