Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Bubble

I realized that there hasn't been an update in a while. That's because we are in a happy little bubble of not knowing what's next but knowing that Sam is happy and feeling well. Having his siblings and family around is frankly, the best medicine. 

He runs around outside and even though he definitely gets tired more quickly (and a little queasy when he runs around too much), he is having fun being "normal."

(Yes, that is a bug house. Sam loves bugs.)

And so we continue to wait. It's hard to think about how I'm going to balance the other kids' desire to go swimming with Sammy's inability to do so right we were near the pool and it was a perfect day for swimming. But I made up excuses so Sam didn't feel too badly....

What's next? Biopsy and lumbar puncture on Tuesday, along with chemo. More chemo Wednesday. Then....well, it all depends on the results. 

Until then? Sam is putting notches in his figurative belt every time he can beat Zeyde at chess:

We will just keep enjoying the bubble....

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