Friday, June 7, 2013

Hotel Maison de Casa House

Sam has a good time shooting water at the nurses and doctors with medical syringes. Isn't that what everyone does in the hospital? (Actually, Uncle Josh texted me to confirm that, in fact, I really let him do this. He was a little incredulous that MOM says okay. I am a little incredulous that I am the one who allows it! But the staff really don't seem to mind and it gets Sam running around...)
Yael and I arrived at the hospital to great fanfare! Turns out the fanfare wasn't for us, but for four members of the Milwaukee Brewers and Bernie Brewer, who were visiting patients and generally spreading good cheer around CHW.
This is Jeff Bianchi, my dad's favorite new Brewer. Luckily, my dad was in the room when Jeff came in, so my dad could actually talk cool that these guys come and visit.

And then, like that....we were outta there.
That's right! Sam was discharged with strict orders to return for any uncertain medical events.

For many reasons, we have decided to stay at my parents' house, which is MUCH closer to the CHW Emergency Room than our own house. Also, I noticed that the highway is going to be closed from 11pm-5am for a few days. Detours in the middle of the night? No, thank you.
Busting outta here! (but waiting for the valet first)
When I was a kid, my dad would send me letters at camp that looked like newspapers. He'd write "columns" about all the goings-on at home. There was always a "Dining" section in which he'd detail the menu at Maison de Casa House...yes, the sense of humor is actually a hereditary thing, people.

So we've checked into Hotel Maison de Casa House. They have great coffee and the food is cooked to order, especially if you're a grandchild (I brought a spare along just to keep things interesting). And while there aren't nurses to check Sam's temperature at all hours of the night, I did bring my forehead thermometer along. Tomorrow the home-health nurse will arrive to teach me how to give IV anti-fungal drugs. As I said to the doctors, I'm always looking to learn new skills.

Sam is feeling well. That is good -- it makes me happy and it helps the whole thing feel a little less crazy! We're hoping for a nice quiet weekend with a return to the clinic on Tuesday for the next dose of chemo. Wishing you all a sweet and healthy weekend with a lovely Shabbat Shalom!


  1. shabbat shalom and have a pleasant stay at hotel maison de casa house. i hope there's a mint on your pillow.

    that is a CUTE brewer. and now that ryan braun is under his second steroidal cloud, i could use a new distraction.

  2. I love seeing you in the Team In Training shirt, Sam! Our triathlon team is working hard preparing for their event on June 29. We biked and ran on the event course last Sunday. This morning we did an open-water swim to prepare for the lake swim required for their event. Tomorrow we'll be running at a hilly park. If they begin to think that the training is too tough, we remember the reason for doing it - to help provide funding to find a cure for blood cancer. We're pulling for you, Sam!