Sunday, August 25, 2013

By the Numbers: BMT -2

Sleepy Sam took a nice afternoon nap
9 baths left in this cycle -- just 3 more days!
8 hours Sam needs to be NPO (nothing by mouth) before his procedure tomorrow morning*
7 is at least how many times each hour that he wishes he could have "Chicago food" -- best anywhere**
6 laps around the floor
5 dollars spent to rent the movie Epic from Amazon streaming (= one heroic mama!)
4 anti-emetic medicines to keep Sam from feeling "pukey"
3 baths taken today
2 hours is how often they need to check his urine output (and with all those fluids, he's actually offering output more often...)
1 more day before DAY 0 -- transplant day!

*tomorrow Sam is having a PICC line inserted in his arm. This is a semi-permanent IV line to give them more access points for the various supportive meds that accompany BMT. It's a LOT of meds. He will have a total of four lumens, and some meds can double up. He's on an inordinate amount of fluids to keep his kidneys and bladder flushed and an inordinate amount of medicines to combat the various side effects of BMT.

**Sam is now generally restricted from restaurant food. Which makes schlepping food from home even more unlikely. Poor kid. It's frankly our parenting fault. How dare we feed our kids local restaurants instead of easy-acquirable chain restaurant fare?!

Pushing his MonsterPole around the floor - six laps
Really just took this picture so you could see the back of this ONE awesome self-inflicted haircut.
2 games of Jenga, then a few towers built
2 quesadillas eaten, with sour cream


  1. Yay for chicken quesadillas! We love those. Continuing to pray and cheer for Sam!

  2. FEAST YER EYES! (that was my Brave reference.)

    sending you all good thoughts and wishes and beams every day.

  3. Except Sam watched Epic, for which I have no references.

  4. There are so many people out here wishing positive things for Sam. You don't know us and maybe never will. But, we are here and pray for you everyday.

    Chicken quesadillas really are the best.

    Sam; How many jokes do you know that start with...There once was a man.....

  5. Gazillions of people, myself included, are sending hugs, prayers, and good wishes your way!

    xoxo from NYC,
    ~ Jane.