Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Less Eventful: Day -7

After yesterday's events, today was downright boring.


Radiation twice, a visit from the sibs & friends, some time spent with Dad and a bit of walking. The nausea held Sam down most of the day (a side effect of the radiation) and we tinkered a little with his anti-nausea meds to help keep it under control. Tomorrow is the last day of radiation, so that will be a notch in his belt, so to speak.

I'm going to try to put together a list of questions/answers about BMT (bone marrow transplant) so if you have questions now is the time to ask them....and I will use my acquired MD to answer.

And if you're wondering about me...I have developed a really lovely shiner and my nose is swollen and sore. But I'm FINE. Thank you for all the love....(and you'll notice that there are no pics of me!)

One day at a time...one step at a time...we move forward day by day.


  1. Sending prayers and love to Sam and family.

    Questions: What were the advantages/disadvantages of using another donor over a sibling donor?

    Throughout the treatment process have the doctors given any information on what Sam should be eating, or is any eating considered good? (I'm asking because you hear so much about "anti-cancer" foods and wondering whether the doctors buy into that, or if it's just pop nonsense).

  2. Dear Phyllis and family,
    we are thinking about you, reading your blog, wishing you lots of luck and will be thinking about you as your journey continues.
    Yana Nedvetsky and family

  3. thinking of you from erie,pa and sending you strength. daniel's BMT was 9 years ago and reading your blog it feels like yesterday and another lifetime at the same time.
    will keep following and wanted you to know.

  4. Question: Does a BMT recipient take on the DNA/genetic material of the donor? retain his own? or is there a mix?

    Thinking of you always...and sending lots of xoxo from NYC,

    ~ Jane.

  5. You are all amazing. Everyone is sending prayers, love and positive thoughts your way.

  6. Two of my closest friends are cancer/bone marrow transplant survivors. They had it done decades ago. You can email me if you want any support from them.