Sunday, November 2, 2014

Shirts and Goals

Do you remember when Sammy told me that he had goals?
One of those goals was to design a t-shirt and "raise lots of money for cancer research." (his words)
(actually, if I remember correctly, that conversation took place in Orlando as we were driving to one of the Disney parks.)

Last week, David took one of Sammy's drawings and edited it slightly.

Here's Sam's drawing of an alien....

And here's what David did to edit it....

And then I helped him to set up a Teespring campaign, just like we did last year. This time, to benefit the St Baldrick's Foundation through the 36 Rabbis' Campaign.

I love that David was able to help make one of Sammy's wishes come true. I wish Sam were here to see the awesome collaboration. I can only imagine what a real joint effort from the two of them would have looked like.

So if you're so a shirt or a hoodie, support my boys in their joint endeavor:
Adults here:
Kids here:
(We have about 12 days left on the campaigns -- so don't wait!)

A year ago around now, Sam was feeling pretty well and just hanging out.
Two years ago today....Michael's birthday and the day that Sam came home from the hospital for the end of his fourth (and we thought final) round of chemo.

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  1. I am a friend of a friend. You and your family are truly wonderful. Just ordered the super, amazing t-shirt. Can't wait to give it to my son and tell him about the very cool brothers who designed it and what it means!