Friday, April 5, 2013

Better {chemo day 4}

Today was better.


Sam woke up and asked for a banana. Progress!
Then he asked for yogurt and cereal. Woo hoo!
(I love the way these simple food items can make not only me, but our whole team of nurses, doctors and nutritionists cheer. I love how they all feel so invested in Sam's well-being. I'm kinda in love with our new resident who doesn't know us from before but can tell that the rest of the team cares so he does too.)

Sam tends to get a little bit "stuck" in the way that he's feeling and not test out the possibility that he could be feeling when I said it was a good idea to go for a walk, he said, "no, it will make me feel yucky." How do you convince him....maybe it WON'T make you feel yucky this time and it's worth a try?!

Answer: a lot of cajoling.

But it worked. He is feeling much better, he told me. Whew.

Sam was testing out the grown-up-size exercise bike on the floor.
Uncle Josh is wrangling Sam as only he can, and since I left they've told me that it's possible that there will be a shaving party tonight in room E584. I await the pictures from these two crazy characters. Sam's price for head-shaving may be Uncle Josh's beard....poor Uncle Josh.

Might I remind you (and him) that Sam had planned to shave it all off anyway?

Desperately trying to make a glove-balloon bigger than the one Rabbi Steve made. It's good for his lungs!
In case you are new around here or maybe you forgot, you won't hear much from us over we'll be back on Saturday night with more adventures from Cancerland.


  1. Good news builds good feelings, good feelings builds good news. Happy to hear progress.
    YaY!!! Superman Sam, you rock!

  2. So glad to hear that today has been a decent one! And oh, goodness, if there's a head-shaving party, there need to be pictures.

    Shabbat shalom to Sam, and to the ganze mishpacha.

  3. Phyllis and Michael - we want to send a video of my husband reading a story that has been a favorite of our kids (we saved all their books that they loved...) Can you tell me how to do it? Do I point the camera at the book so sam can see the pictures while my husband is reading? Is it going to be successful with an iphone video? THANKS. We really want to do this and want it to be lovely for him. Jill (and Ely)

  4. Shabbat Shalom, Sam and the entire Sommer family! We all think that while your hair is fabulous - you would look awesome again with your head shaved. Perhaps a few silly wigs (I have a big rainbow afro one that's pretty cool) could be in the "entertainment" mix, as well......