Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ups and downs and Ups {Day 9}

Phyllis suggested I do a list of 10 on the 10 (10th of April). I have less than 10 pictures, but I am sure we did ten things. Nurse M took incredible care of us and always took a moment for some wonderful conversation about movies and books we all love watching. Nurse E2 stopped by even though he wasn't our nurse today. It was incredible to see him and talk about video games and how he's doing. There was a great article and news interview on him today. Everyone does incredible work in this hospital, but not everyone can say they were a patient here, a cancer survivor, and grew up to become a nurse to give back for all the wonderful care he received. We were blessed the entire day with company and care from people we love and adore.

1. Sam woke up this morning in really playful mood, but no mood to get dressed or get out of bed really...

2. Clearly out of bed, but still in PJs, Sam had tutoring with his favorite hospital teacher, Miss T. They worked on some of the really challenging multiplication problems Zayde made and brought yesterday.

3. Finally dressed and embracing an iPad moment for the first time of the day.

4. Bubbe and Zayde came and brought lunch (no pictures available). The Chef sent up his special pancakes with strawberries and Sammy ate off the menu for the first time in a long time!

5. While Daddy took some respite at the gym (and a much needed shower) he arrived back to find Sammy playing soccer with in the hallway with Bubbe and Zayde with our giant Matzah Ball (sorry, no picture)

6. Our good friend Richard from B'nai Torah & Make-A-Wish, came to visit and hang out. He and his family gifted Sammy with some much appreciated iTunes credit which he was very grateful to receive. His dragons were grateful also.

7. Chef stopped by while I was at the gym to check on the results of the great Mac-N-Cheese cook off yesterday. He rewarded Sammy with his own Chef's hat even though his Mac-N-Cheese lost to Phyl's Mac-N-Cheese. Chef said he always loses when this particular dish is the challenge. He lost with grace but earned a great fan in Sammy.

8. Sammy received a couple of amazing packages with gifts for him to keep and share. An amazing R/C truck showed up and some bath toys. An incredible book of shadow art he can practice on the walls at night. An entire folio of letters and pictures from a class of kids taught by an old friend of mama's. Many of the letters are in Spanish so that Sammy can practice his Spanish reading. Sammy was thrilled to open them all and so thankful of the kind gifts, prayers and thoughts from many of our friends.

9. Sammy had some FaceTime with his friend Rosie (no picture). The two giggled and laughed at and with each other as they tried to think of things to talk about. It was such a cute, awkward conversation between friends who are more used to running around a house together and playing rather than having an extended conversation. Sammy showed Rosie a lot of his books and stuff and they giggled a lot.

10. Sammy showed Nurse J the mask he made yesterday during art therapy. She was changing his caps so he wore his surgical mask over his creative mask. It was quite a sight!

Sammy was quite winded after the soccer game. It sort of left him in his down moments for the day. He lagged for a good couple of hours and then sort of recovered at around five. We got some more of Mom's Mac-N-Cheese in him, tucked him into his favorite chair and proceeded to watch the Fantastic Four 1 & 2 back to back. Sammy was thrilled and enthralled and asked a lot of good questions throughout both movies. He ate some popcorn, and some cookies and drank his water. I tucked him in and went to brush my teeth at a little after 9 and returned to the room to find a boy already fast asleep.

Love and gratitude to you all. You give us strength when we need it most.

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  1. Very cool mask, Sam! I think your Mom needs to share her famous Mom Mac & Cheese recipe. :)