Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh So Sleepy {chemo day 2}

Sam had a bit of a rough night. The nausea kept him restless and uncomfortable, along with the fever that we believe is caused by one of the chemotherapy drugs. (I say that "we believe" because just in case it is an infection, they started a course of broad spectrum antibiotics and took cultures to check.)

So he spent most of the day sleeping. And resting. And sleeping some more.

His body is working superhard. This is the first time since last June that he's had leukemia in his body...and that must be why he's so tired and sick. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway. The medical people tend to agree with me.

It's just hard to recall how full of energy he was in the previous rounds. I'm waiting for his spark to come back.

But today was mostly spent resting.
I offered some distractions like books, movies, games....he wasn't much interested. A few times he perked up with a smile -- some not-so-funny jokes that I lamely tried to tell...he listened to a story on video sent by a friend....
Grandma read a few stories and tried to get him to play DragonVale. You know Sam is under the weather when you can't get him to talk about dragon-breeding.
Sam always likes his baths, so I suggested we try that this afternoon and he agreed. It didn't quite make him as comfy as I think he hoped it would, and he quickly got back into bed. Which is where he is right now...the nurses and doctors seem a little unconcerned, I think this is a "normal" reaction to this kind of leukemia relapse.
And so we rest, snuggled into our little nest on the 5th floor...hoping to sleep off the chemo, which has six more days ahead of us. I like quiet. I really do. But I'm realizing how much I miss my bouncy, high-energy Sam who resists bedtime. I know he'll be back.


  1. Rest is natures way of helping healing. As much of a shock this is to all of us, it is even more of shock to Sam.He is a remarkable child. We wish him restful sleep and a better tomorrow each and everyday until he is 100%.God bless you Sam,
    Paul and Sandi

  2. so hard to witness your child feeling so punk.
    May you both have a restful night and better day tomorrow.

  3. G-d willing he'll be back to energetic normal once all the treatments are over.

  4. it's hard to watch a sick kid sleep, but it's the best thing for them ...that and a steady dose of Sponge Bob, Fairly Odd Parents, Gumball, etc.

  5. Rest up Sammy! Your body has a lot of fighting to do!! Hopefully you'll start feeling like yourself again in a day or two. Sending love, hugs, and lots of dragons!!!
    Auntie Liz

  6. Sending only positive thoughts and super-charged energy to all of you! You are all champions! Saying constant Misheberahs........

    Linda Block

  7. My grown children - one of them in Chandler, Arizona, have joined the prayer team for Sammy. We already know what a fighter you are, Sammy. All will be good.

    Franny Bananny