Thursday, April 4, 2013

Peeking Through {day 3}

sunrise from the 5th floor
 Sam had a less-sleepy day today. He was still feeling pretty crummy and under-the-weather, but he perked up when Rabbi Steve came to visit. After all, Rabbi Steve doesn't give up. He finally got Sam into position for a rousing game of Glove Volleyball. Our friend Matt served as referee to make sure that there was no cheating, and let the record show that Sam crushed the good rabbi.

 He was feeling so perky after that, he ate a few bites of banana and agreed to take a walk! Progress, I thought.
It was short-lived. That one little lap was a little too much for our hero today.
He landed back in bed, where he stayed, albeit awake, for the rest of the afternoon.
It did help to open a package with some funny glasses:
 We've been working on his anti-nausea meds, and hopefully we have those under control now. It's a combination of keeping the nausea at bay while not making him too sleepy. There are other meds that are available to us, so we're just going to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Unfortunately, oncologists are experts in nausea management.
 A whole bunch of wonderful sweets came into our room today, but none tempted my little guy. He did like the silly string that the art-cart-man delivered. Oy. In case you're wondering, silly string does wash out of your hair. Not that any got into my hair today...oh wait.
 One of his perkiest parts of the day was this FaceTime with Solly. Solly was so excited to tell Sammy that he was using Daddy's iPad for the experience. Sam was trying to explain back to him that he, too, was using an iPad. Can you believe that both of these children will never know life existed before this was possible!? It is one of the best blessings: to have them, at the drop of a hat, be able to communicate with each other even when so far apart.

It wasn't a great day for Sammy but it wasn't really a bad day either. My sparky little guy is peeking through...I can't wait for him to re-emerge with his usual energy level.
 P.S. Sam knows about the stories that have been sent to him but he's mostly been too sleepy to read his email. Don't worry, he will have plenty of time to listen and watch! He's looking forward to it! Thanks to everyone :-) It was all Michael's idea and we are all so excited that you all loved it!


  1. Sam, I love the look on you with glasses and a moustache. After all this stinkin' chemo is over, you should consider growing a real moustache.

  2. Thinking of you. You're in my prayers.

    And Sam, you look awesome with those glasses and mustache, no lie.

    Shabbat shalom.