Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family and Friends {Day 8}

Sam had some turbulence during the night (nothing a little anti-nausea meds couldn't handle) and then rested until morning where he woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Nurse S took amazing care for us throughout the night as he always does and will do tonight. Nurse E was amazing yesterday, so caring and loving to Sam, always so attentive. And today we had the tower of power, Nurse LA, talking Sam up and getting giggles and phrases from him where most people only get monosyllabic answers. Watching the two of them interact is like watching the Odd Couple live together. True love has never been so apparent.

It was a day of adventure with many friends and family visiting. Sam's in-house tutor stopped by and looked at all the math he had been doing with Zayde and me yesterday. Then Bubbe and Zayde showed up just as Phyllis and the kids arrived downstairs. I went to help Phyllis bring the kids up while Bubbe and Zayde entertained Sam for a bit.

Everyone played so nicely enjoying Sammy's amazing spirit and health for the day. Then close to lunch all family members packed up and headed out for a day at the museum. Where they discovered Z really is for Moose!

A few more boxes arrived with some incredible thoughts of love and hilarity. An amazing cookie bouquet, more amazing mustaches, a yodeling pickle, a see-through frog anatomy puzzle and an incredible box of snacks and games.

As we walked out to play some video games, Sam was sidetracked by the amazing Art Therapist who intrigued Sam with the idea of creating his own mask. The three of us talked about Sam, our favorite colors, what we like to paint, draw, create and Sam calmly painted a beautiful mask.

Just as we were finishing the art, Sammy's first grade teacher from Oak Terrace showed up to spend an incredible afternoon talking, teaching and learning with Sam. Sam loved showing Ms. M. all the math and Spanish he had been doing the last few days. The two created a plan for his future work and laughed throughout the time they spent together.

The hospital Chef sent up his entry in the Mac-n-Cheese contest, but Phyl's won out in the end. Chef got Sam to try a few bites before he declared it good, but too cheesy (is there really every such a thing?!! I tried it when he was done, it was good, but definitely too cheesy and buttery compared to Phyllis' famous Mac-n-Cheese. Doc M already has her order in for a future pan to be delivered. Phyllis certainly has her cooking work cut out for her).  Sam thoroughly enjoyed the twizzlers from the large box of snacks, and the cheez-its, the Famous Amos cookies, and is currently chowing down the Pringles. HUGELY successful Snack Box!!! I have to say this is one of the best intake months of chemo for Sam. I think he knows he doesn't have to starve himself and the anti-nausea meds are working their magic.

Towards the end of the day, Dr L stopped by from her dermatology rotation just to hang out. Sam recounted all he had accomplished during the day and showed off his beautiful mask. He impressed her by downing three servings of The Famous Mac-n-Cheese. 

And then we settle in for the night. Brushing our teeth and swishing, shedding the day's clothing for PJs, a last drink of water, some anti-itch cream, and the Shema to sing us gently off to bed. 

The city view is beautiful and silent from up here at night. It is a view of the whole city, the outside world, so close and yet so far away. I know we will get there again, all of us, as a complete family, someday. But up here, you live moment by moment, a minute at a time, an hour at a time, each conversation and project a stepping-stone closer to the end of the day. Each visitor and friend a shining burst of light adding such color to our days. As the lights go dim, and the ambient light fills our room I breathe just a little in amazement at how fast and slow it all seems to go. Thank you for all your blessings in our lives and all the prayers you bathe us in each day. We feel them. They hold us up. They shower Sam with strength and a fortitude even he didn't know he had. They make it possible for us to carry on and be there for you too, and for our caregivers. With all of you supporting us you make each day go a little quicker and seem a little brighter. 

With infinite love and gratitude you I thank you for blessing our lives. 


  1. your words are so eloquent and moving, here's hoping for a quiet night and good day tomorrow.
    Laila tov!

  2. I am in awe of the amazing people the hospital has on staff.