Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birthday Boy

Birthdays are important, as I recently said on my own blog.

Today's birthday was extra-special, though.

After all, almost every day in the hospital, we had to say Sam's birthdate for identification purposes. Actually, I made an appointment for myself about a month ago and when the receptionist asked for my own birthdate, I automatically gave Sam's.

It's been on my mind.

This birthday was, by its very existence, special.

(But we tried not to make too big a deal of it. After all, we're trying for normal.)

Still, there were donuts for breakfast.

There was a little party at school (the whole class wore their pajamas and watched Sponge Bob in Spanish. How cool is that?) and a special family dinner.

And Sam got a huge gift from Randi and family - a long-desired turtle. Yes, friends, I have capitulated to a non-human living in my home.

Meet Mega Super Turtle, or MST for short, a Russian Tortoise and the newest member of our family:

Turtles live a long time.
We've already announced that Sam can take MST to college.

Let that sink in, okay?

This kid will go to college.
I believe it.

May there be many many birthday celebrations to come. 

Bone marrow biopsy tomorrow...results next week


  1. chazak chazak
    may you all go from strength to strength!!!

  2. Happy birthday to Superman Sam from Superman Sammy xxxx

    There will be many birthdays to celebrate for our super heroes :-)