Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanks and Giving

I debated many ways to title this post, but in the end, "thanks and giving" seemed appropriate.

We are so very grateful for the news we received this week.

Sam is fully in remission.
His treatment is complete.

I simply have no words to describe the level of gratitude and relief that I feel as I type these words.

It has been a whirlwind of celebration, with birthdays and a special welcome at Sunday School...and today, a crucial step in the journey that signals the end of active treatment: Sam's central line was removed.

Gratitude probably doesn't even begin to describe it.


And now for the giving.
Over the last six months, our family has been the recipients of so many wonderful gifts of so many kinds. The time has come for us to become the givers. On Thanksgiving Day, we will be headed up to the HOT Unit at Children's Hospital with games and crafts and treats for the patients, families, and staff. We hope this will be the beginning of many opportunities for us to help make other patients "feel the love" that we felt so strongly from all of you. I know that when folks came into the unit like this, it gave me hope and helped me to realize that there are people on the "outside" who know what it's like.

If you'd like to assist us (we know it's last minute, don't worry, we'll do it again), you can drop off new games or craft kits at either of our offices (Am Shalom or B'nai Torah) or at our house or at my parents' house (for you Milwaukee folks). Feel free to privately message me for addresses. If you're dropping off in our hometown, we will need it by Wednesday morning. Milwaukee folks have til Wednesday night!

From our journey, we have emerged...only to begin a new journey in which we strive to reconnect our family, regroup and reconsider our priorities, and find as many ways as we can to honor where we have been...and where we are going.

I don't believe that our story is particularly special or unique, but I do believe that the outpouring of love from all of you has been. We are so remarkably blessed and we know it. The time has come for us to engage in both thanks and giving.

I will continue to use this blog, periodically, to give updates on Sam and our family, and to offer opportunities to help us help others. I promise not to overuse your love.

If you would like to continue to read our words on a more regular basis, you can visit our personal blogs and subscribe to those as well. We welcome your continued participation in our family's journey!


From our family to you and yours....a happy, healthy, blessed season of giving thanks.

Shabbat Shalom.


  1. The best news EVER! I am so happy for your all. Enjoy your long holiday weekend giving to others and one another. Shabbat shalom from Los Angeles with <3.


  2. PS if a package is already on its way to the hospital will you get it?

    1. Yes. I believe they are still holding our mail! We will visit the clinic regularly ;-)

  3. Phyllis - I have read your posts often and prayed for Sam. So glad to hear the good news. Hope to see you again in April. Barb Raisbeck

  4. Very good news indeed and very happy to hear it!

    I hope that your family has a wonder Thanksgiving!

  5. I'm actually crying a little this is such good news. Going to be a great holiday season this year!!

  6. I have chills and tears all at once.
    Shabbat shalom and Happy Thanksgiving.
    xoxo to all of you.

  7. What wonderful news! Like many of Sam's fans, I was holding my breath waiting to hear the results....and like JanetheWriter I have chills and tears! My you all be blessed by good health, much joy and many, many birthdays, Thanksgivings and all holidays!

    Jane Rips

  8. Wonderful news! A very happy Thanksgiving to the whole family!