Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Gifts of Thanksgiving

Thank you thank you thank you!

When I put it out here on this blog and on Facebook that we were going to be going to the HOT Unit on Thanksgiving to bring games and craft kits, I never quite imagined the outpouring from all of you.


Then again, I should know better, after how many pictures Sam received!

It was such a joy to pack up all the awesome games and toys and kits....

And then to take them into the unit....which had its own brand of totally weird and wonderful all at once.

Every time we come into the hospital, we have to get a badge. Parent & grandparent badges are orange, patients (Sam) don't get badges. Siblings and other visitors get yellow badges.

This is my first-ever yellow badge. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal...but it means that at this moment I am not here as the parent of a patient. And that is a milestone. Also, Sam got his own badge. For the FIRST TIME.

Sam and David pulled the wagon-load (we had three large bags full, plus a few hand-carries)
 Greeting some favorite nurses and showing off his "missing" central line...
 We set up all the goodies in the playroom...

We were able to see a few friends who are still inpatient and we knew that we were leaving so much joy behind. We put quite a few of the games into the communal game closet, which was in need of a few updated choices (with all the pieces!), and we gave toys to a little guy who was walking around the unit. I know how much this kind of thing  meant to us when we were there....

So I thank you for enabling us to have this moment of return, a moment that felt both strange and wonderful....and to know that there are still so many children and families who are in those rooms....may healing come for all of them.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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  1. Really, you are an amazing family! Sending my love to you all!