Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mudwrestling and Yoga

I'm kidding about the mud wrestling. But only a little. 

When Sam's labs came back on Friday, his ANC was so high that a friend suggested that it actually was a possibility! But in lieu of mud wrestling, we tried out a few other immunity-challenging activities:

Feeding the goats at the zoo:

(With thanks to the Gerstein family for helping Sam to fish in the rain!)

Also this week, Sam got a visit from Danny, a yoga teacher who specializes in integrative medicine. His visit was facilitated through the Urban Zen Foundation (a project of Donna Karan) and it was so delightful to have him here to give Sam some personalized yoga and meditation instruction. Whenever he has these amazing opportunities we are grateful yet again to all of you who help make these connections possible. In particular, thank you to Sandy and Gillian. 

I'm sure it wasn't the first time yoga has been practiced at RonMac but it was still pretty unusual for them to have a visiting yogi!

We are in this waiting-holding pattern that in some ways is making me crazy. We can't know if the drugs are doing their work. We can't know what is happening inside the deep recesses of Sam's inner bone marrow. So we use the medicines at our disposal to make each day a blessing -- cheese toast, laughter, stretching, fresh air, silly stories, outings, and a lot of family love and togetherness. At the moment it is all we've got....


  1. I admire the effort & success you have at making happy memories. All your children are benefiting from this ridiculous situation.

    Someday you'll look back at this time & recognize it for it's difficulty but embrace the joy that was there also.

    And yes, I realize that's very easy for me to say......

    Prayers for continued good times.

  2. It may be all you have got...but you sure have a lot...a lot of love...and a lot of hope XO


  3. I love these photos.

    And cheese toast, laughter, togetherness are some of the best medicines I know.

    Thinking of y'all.

  4. Family love and togetherness go a long way...as you show the rest of us all the time.

    Sending you xoxo from NYC,

    ~ Jane.

  5. Lovely photos. Dad looks like Sam's older brother.