Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quiet is Good, Right?

I really like when I have almost nothing about which to write blog posts! We had a lovely and uneventful weekend medically, aside from some outpatient chemo that took place on the HOT unit (a little weird walking in but also nice to say hi to all our friends!). Also, Sam started his oral chemo (well, technically it is a drug that supports the chemo) and the pill-taking had a lot of anticipatory anxiety associated with it. But when push came to shove...he swallowed it like a champion! I was so impressed and relieved. I think he was too. 

And that's about all from here....a few more days of infused chemo and then we wait and hope and pray...while keeping our little crew busy, healthy and happy. It sounds so simple as I write it but of know how real life is! As I type this they are working out their bedtime wiggles....

A few pics of our last few days...

Sam playing a game with his clinic buddy, also named Sam! 

Weird empty room for chemo

Even superheroes with cancer have to load their dishes.

Playhouse at Old McDonald House

Current food obsession: cheese toast

The Sommer this. 


  1. That last picture in the post is the cutest ever. Bli eyin haraa, you can just feel those personalities.

  2. Quiet is definitely good...and if the food obsession is cheese toast, it's a good thing you're in Wisconsin, right?! ;-)

    xoxo from NYC in the Empire State!

  3. Four such adorable children, ptui,ptui,ptui....
    Thinking about Sam and y'all!

  4. Seriously adorable picture! :)