Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pit O' Germs

Sam is on the up-swing of the chemo round, meaning that his counts have largely "recovered" from whatever this chemo was supposed to do to them! It's been a little different from other rounds, because even the doctors aren't exactly certain how Sam will respond. He's been doing so well -- we continue to be hopeful for Monday's biopsy results.

Until then? We're back in our little bubble -- keeping people happy and germ-free. Unfortunately, the biggest danger to Sam at the moment is a virus. And since he could catch one anywhere (even in the hospital itself!) we are trying to use a lot of bleach wipes and hand sanitizer. It's a little like germophobia in the extreme. A virus would put a huge damper on the transplant plans, which are in the works but awaiting the biopsy results.

Did you notice that both of those previous paragraphs ended with the enormous weight that is on my mind? There's nothing I can do to rush it, there's nothing I can do to change it, there's nothing I can do except wait.....for the darn biopsy results. (See, there's a THIRD paragraph ending with it!)

Okay, so back to the bubble in which we're I tried to take the kids to the Children's Museum. (I've never actually been there, although the kids have. I have tried to convince them that only grandparents are allowed there but they stopped believing me!)

This picture, taken at the museum, says it all:
Yes, it felt like the whole place was a Pit O' we bribed Solly with the promise of a cookie and escaped after only about 20 minutes.

So it does seem a lot safer to stay close to the Ronald McDonald House, where at least we can feel like we have a modicum of control. I know this is going to only get worse before it gets better -- Sam's ANC is actually higher now than it's ever been during a previous round of chemo. But there's something just very nerve-racking about the whole thing. (I think we'll stick to the open-air zoo...)
In the Art Room at Ron Mac -- Yael has the Art Therapy schedule memorized; I'm sure you're not shocked.
It's a great play structure in the Secret Garden!
We continue to receive a lot of packages from all of your generosity through our Wish List. Thank you so much! We have absolutely lost the capacity to keep track of how many of you have sent packages, so please accept our apologies that we can't thank you individually and our gratitude for your generosity! (Also, many of the packages arrived without packing slips, so we don't exactly know which of you made those choices! But thank you!) We love being able to be the bearers of such incredible gifts.
Also, in the spirit of teaching a person to fish, I convinced the Ronald McDonald House to create their OWN wish list, which I hope you will all bookmark and keep in mind whenever you're shopping on Amazon or feeling like you want to be generous! They actually created three lists, one for the house, one to support the Magic Room, where kids can choose a gift or toy, and one to support their newborn moms' program. Also, please remember that wherever you live (I know we have many friends and supporters all over the world!) there is probably a Ronald McDonald House or similar program. I discovered that many of these RMHs have wish lists (just search on Amazon for the one near you) and their own specific needs. I don't want to steer you away from helping OUR house, but please know that the need is all over, and we appreciate any acts of kindness done in honor of our family's journey.

And so, from our Pit O'Germs to yours....we wait, we hope, we wash our hands, and we pray. Thanks for being alongside us.


  1. G-d willing results will be good and Sam will have the bone marrow transplant. Who would have expected such a summer camp for you guys?

  2. Sending my love to all of you!
    Aunt Bobbi