Thursday, October 24, 2013

History - BMT +58

Today was relatively historic. 

And completely anti-climactic. 

All at the same time!

So today Sam got his specially trained cells, prepared to fight against three major viruses - adenovirus, CMV, and EBV. All three can be devastating and deadly for kids with compromised immune systems. All three could be "reactivated" if they're already in his system. This is a new clinical trial to see if this kind of thing can make bone marrow transplant safer in general. If this is an option for all transplantees, then it is another line of defense that the doctors can use. He's the first kid in Wisconsin to get these cells!

We might never notice its efficacy, of course. We are NOT going to deliberately expose him to any of these viruses just to see if it works (but they laughed nervously when I asked about it)! But hopefully it will be good for Sam and good for the future. 

It was quite a process -- the cells had to be defrosted and checked and double checked and triple checked. 

Guess how much cell volume there was? Why yes, there WERE 18 mL of cells. Exactly. 

You can't make this stuff up. 
Dr M and I each explained the significance of 18 to different staff people during the infusion, which took only a few minutes. 

Sam didn't have any reaction but we had to stay all day to monitor his vitals. The infusion could lead to a little graft vs host disease, since it was donor cells, far so good. 

And then it was over. We have to go back in the morning to have his blood checked again, and then hopefully....smooth sailing into next week.

There's something special about being a part of something know that work is being done to make this all safer and better for all BMT patients....I'm proud of our doctors, I'm proud of SuperMensch, and I'm hopeful, oh so hopeful, for a future with better treatments for cancer patients. It's just one small drop in the sea of medicine, but it might be our little chance to help. And for that I am grateful. 


  1. What a courageous battle, and I'm so elated that Sam is winning. I think of you daily. Keep fighting (and praying).

  2. The Hand of G-d...
    refuah shleimah