Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1

Today is April 1.

It's the anniversary of my Bat Mitzvah, a moment of personal transformation.
It's Rosh Chodesh Nisan, a new month dawns.

One year ago today, we brought Sam to the hospital and signed the consents for harsh chemotherapy. Only three days earlier we had learned of his relapse.
I signed those papers...tears flowing.
One year ago today we began the second chapter of the odyssey that ultimately ended with his death.

109 days ago, we held him for the last time.
107 days ago, we placed his body into the earth.

April 1, 2013
Today I shave my head.
Today my outside will begin to match the pain I feel on the inside.

Today, like every day, will never be the same.

To donate to the 36 Rabbis Shave for the Brave, click here.


  1. <3. Sending you love and strength today.

    I love seeing this picture of beautiful Sammy. Radiant.

  2. we are with you today with warm thoughts and tefillot.

  3. Love you Phyllis. You, Michael, Sam...all of you...have touched thousands of lives and made them better.

  4. Your "shine" will light up the hope that every family longs for. Sammy-watts.

  5. Today you will be as beautiful as you are strong! Tomorrow countless other kids will have a better chance due to your handwork, intelligence, and love. That goes for Michael too!! We're thinking of Sam everyday, he's always in our hearts

  6. ...sorry that should be "hard work" ...though you are pretty handy!

  7. I am supporting Paul Cohen as he supports your passionate endeavor to eradicate ...as you so eloquently articulated...this plague.

  8. My heart cracks open for you and your family again and again.

    Sammy is a constant presence in my mind and my heart.

  9. I have been praying for you and your family and your head shaving recently.

    By the way, please tell us Solly's reaction to your shaved head. I have been wondering what he will think.

  10. prayers for your family and hopes to end cancer.