Sunday, April 6, 2014

In the Passover Aisle

The Yahrzeit candles, which we light at Yizkor for each holiday, happened to be right next to the macaroons.

I have a feeling that, had they been in separate locations, I would have just cried twice in the grocery store.

This way, it was one-stop shopping and crying. Convenient....

Solly didn't notice.
Yael didn't notice.

In fact, she noticed the macaroons with great excitement, and I wiped my tears as I helped her pick out the chocolate ones.

"I love these!" she said. 
"You know who else loved these?" I said back. 
"Sammy," we both agreed. 

And so it goes...



  1. Every holiday that comes brings another opportunity for tears, doesn't it?

    That lice mask is adorable. Do you make them for all ten plagues? I might have to try that for my kid...

  2. I buy them at the grocery store usually...I can send you some if you want :-)

  3. Crying with you, Phyllis.
    Laughing, too. Love these pictures. As always.

  4. Next time I have an opportunity to eat a macaroon, I'll eat it for Sammy, especially since it's not on my diet.

  5. Now I'm crying at my desk...
    xoxo from NYC.

  6. Passover, Pass-sammy; a little light that won't go out, macaroons still sweet