Sunday, September 14, 2014

9 months

I loved being pregnant. Nine wonderful months of growing another human inside me.

I don't remember a lot about being pregnant with Sam. I don't even know if there are any pictures of me pregnant with him! 

I think this is the only one....
We scheduled David's birthday party for a little over a week before the due date (and a little before his birthday). A Sunday afternoon. Everything went great (four little kids for a superhero party -- how prescient was that?) and that night, I remember, I finished up a photo book on shutterfly and knew that the next book would start with this baby's birth. I went to work on Monday and somehow I knew, because I left my desk spotless at the end of the day.

David's 4th birthday party, November 6, 2005
About 1am (Tuesday morning), my water broke. We called Ellie and she came over to stay with David. I took a shower and ate a sandwich while we waited for her. I remember folding laundry while sitting on a towel at the kitchen table. I remember feeling contractions and laughing at how silly I was being...folding laundry.

Things went smoothly at his birth, a little moment where they took him away to check his lungs. But all was well. David was thrilled to be a big brother. We had two boys. (His Brit Milah was held 8 days later, on David's 4th birthday.)

David meets Sam
Nine months of baking, nine months of growing, nine months of anticipation, nine months of gestating this little boy who came out absolutely perfect. Samuel Asher. 

Nine months is how long he's been gone today. Nine months. 

It took nine months to grow him inside my body. I can't believe he's been gone that long....I would give anything for even just nine more seconds....

Sam at nine months old....

A year ago today was Yom Kippur....
And two years ago today was Rosh HaShanah....


  1. I don't know what to say. It's just heartbreaking. I think of you often. Keeping stepping ahead and remembering, one moment at a time. Hugs...

  2. 9 months hit me in a similar way.
    I love these pictures and I just look at them and cry.