Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Day with Sam is a Day Filled with Sunshine!

It feels like forever since I've walked the halls of the HOT unit. The High Holy Days and work prevented me from taking a lot of my usual rotations with Sam during the month of September. By the time Rosh Hashanah came and went Sam was home for his two weeks between treatments.
Now all the Jewish fall holidays have come and gone and my champion Sam continues to flourish and thrive even back in the hospital.
In June it seemed like the fourth round would never get here. Now the last dose of chemo will flow tonight at the darkest hour, while we sleep, hopefully dreaming already healed surrounded by all our family, friends and supporters (yes, I've reserved the Lincoln Memorial so we have room for everyone).
When I arrived today Sam was aleadt done with his homework and Phyllis was headed home for work. Sam and I spent the day talking about the finer points of breeding dragons, walking downstairs a few times for exercise, and playing wii in the common area. We read some Harry Potter, discussed how to accentuate certain words in our awful British accents and face timed with all the siblings after dinner.
The Flashes if Hope representative stopped by to drop off Sam's pictures from the last round. They are stunning. If you want another great organization to support in their support of hospitalized kids and their families is it. They'd capture the beauty of the fighting spirit in every kid. Sam's pictures came out as a campaign to become the new face of fighting children's cancer.
While this surely isn't home, it is nice to see all the familiar friends and faces who make Sam feel loved and make us feel safe and cared for. May our night be filled with peaceful rest as our bodies and spirits mend in the much needed slumber.
My infinite love and gratitude to all of you and all you do to make this feel easy. You all know who you are.