Monday, October 22, 2012

Testing Patience {R4, Day 18}

Today was a lot like this:

It's funny - even though the weather INSIDE the hospital never changes, when the weather outside looks like that, you just want to curl up in jammies, drink cocoa, and watch a movie.

Sam did all three.

But man, was he full of snarky energy today! Everything was a little like pulling teeth (he's got a loose one, so this shouldn't be so hard...) and probably took 20 minutes longer than it needed to. He was silly and cranky and bouncy and alternated between gleeful laughter and total cranky-pants-attitude every half hour or so. It was....exhausting.

There was schoolwork:
 Arts-and-crafts-doing (thanks Aunt Joni and Uncle Gerry for this cool kit!)
 And lots of nurse-baiting....
Sam also got to FaceTime with his class today, and they read a story together. Then the class went off to do the exercise related to the book, and so did we. It held some power for me, but less for Sam, that we were aligning ourselves with exactly what was going on in the classroom.
My favorite moment of the day? Sam held. my. hand. as we walked downstairs. Remember, Sam can tiny bit prickly sometimes. So the fact that he held my hand....wowza. He also told me that I was the greatest mom. Yep. I'm sure that will change tomorrow, but I'm basking today.
A dose of platelets gave Sam a lot of pre-bedtime energy. We did 10 laps of the unit before bedtime to burn off some of that and let me tell you, it makes you understand how someone could win a really big bike race when hopped up on blood, it gives him such a boost!

He told me how much he wants to go home. I think it's right on schedule, his homesickness. We talked about how soon that will happen, how things will go back to "normal" and how much he misses home. And now he sleeps....until tomorrow, friends.


  1. Sweet dreams to sweet Sam.
    xoxo from NYC!

  2. Sleep well, Sammy and have a dream u are discharged from the hospital and u are going home forever!!!