Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Incredible Day at School {R4, Day 7}

Sam had a quiet night and slept until ten. He woke up rested and ready for what proved to be a wonderful ay.

He started with a good breakfast of challah, Carnation Chocolate breakfast drink followed by a snack of apples and peanut butter.

After rounds we set out for the common area and did his homework. We did math, handwriting and wrote in his journal about his brother David.

After that we played Monkey Ball on the Wii. How can that be bad? You're a monkey, in a ball, rolling through mazes chasing bananas. In the middle of our "class" his class called to say they would FaceTime with us in five minutes.

We quickly gathered up the homework and made our way back to our room to prepare to speak to his class. After greeting each other and some questions Sammy's teacher asked if he wanted to listen to the daily math lesson followed by spelling. Sammy's job was to make sure everyone was paying attention.
After spelling it was story time and Sammy listened and participated in the question and answers during the story.

In this modern age of technological marvels if you can't go to school, school comes to you. Even as Sam heals here in Milwaukee his classmates see that he is doing well and can participate as well as interact with his class just like any other first grader.

A great time was had by all.

A big thanks goes out to Oak Terrace, Sammy's teachers and class for making this all so easy and wonderful.


  1. I love that he can still interact with his class!! Thats amazing! I'm also glad that he is doing so well. Its all we can ask for. :D

  2. I just love how oak terrace integrated FaceTime into the day so Sam can interact with his kindergarten class! I'm so glad to see he is well! Awesome photos!

  3. That is really great that Sam can still be with his classmates. Very cool set up!