Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eyebombing {R4, Day 23}

Shabbat was uneventful.

And by uneventful, I mean there were no events.

And by no events, I mean Sam has nothing new to report.

And by nothing new to report, I mean that Sam still does not have an ANC.

And by that, I mean....I have no patience.

But the doctors seem largely unconcerned.
I'm just impatient. Ready to get on with it. C'mon! Let's go!

Anyway, back to reality. The last few days have been quiet and calm-ish. There was art and lots of video games, schoolwork and singing, silliness and puzzles. Yep, Normal in Cancerland. There was also a transfusion of platelets (Friday) and whole blood (Saturday), which helped Sam to feel better, with more energy and less crankiness. (Whew!)
We had a lovely visit from Annie and Laurie, on their way home from camp! Annie baked Sam cupcakes, which he had a great time frosting and sprinkling, and of course eating!

The other day, I found a funny idea online. It's called eyebombing and I thought it would be awesome fun to do in the hospital. And I knew that Sam would get a kick out of it. Annie and Laurie stopped at the Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc (one of my favorite places) to pick up some googly eyes...and here are the results of some of our adventures around the hospital after they left:

Sam loved it. He loved figuring out where the funny places to put eyes would be and he had strong opinions about how close together the eyes should be.

Don't they make the hospital just a little bit

So do an ANC dance for us, okay? Put on your googly eyes and your silly hat and your stickon mustache and dance, baby, dance!

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  1. There is a strong possibility that I will be adding googly eyes to all of my unit's Voceras(the little walkietalkie things) the next time I work! I love this!!!