Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mind Your P's and Q's {R4, Day 19}

Remember how Sam was a little bit snarky yesterday?
Some of that continued today.

He protested the need to write the letter "q" in his handwriting (without tears...oy) book today.
(I decided today's blog post title early on!)
And then he felt that it was most important to finish the rest of his schoolwork like this:
No need to turn your screen. That's how I felt, too.
and like this:
Yes, that's his bed all cranked up like a nest. Journal writing...
Nurse L came for a visit, and Sam read her a story (any excuse to get him to read to a new audience, right? This is such a sneaky-mama trick. Some day he's going to read this blog and realize just how sneaky I am....)
Thanks to Stephanie and her family for sending Sam the book "Tuesday" which was a huuuuuge hit.
But overall, today was an uneventful and quiet day. Bubbie and Zeyde came over so I could go and have a quick lunch with a friend (wow, it was so "normal"). There was plenty of eating (random stuff like apple pie and cheese toast) and drinking (he's on a Vitamin Water kick) and a little trip downstairs for a visit to the "library" - have I told you about the wonderful Soref Resource Center? They have thousands of movies to check out, along with video games and other resources for parents, etc. The coolest thing, in Sam's opinion, is that the movie catalog is actually the covers of the DVD boxes arranged in binders by genre. He gets to flip through the binders - frankly, it's a whole lengthy activity in itself. (Forgive me, I think I might have already told that story....hospital life can be a little repetitive!)

You can sense the excitement when hospital-staff people talk to us - "hey, this is your last round, right?" or "aren't you guys almost done?" or "oh, you must be going home soon, right?"

And yes, it is.
And yes, we are.
And YES.... we are...not soon enough!!!!


  1. I loved seeing the smile on Sam's face as he read Tuesday, on Tuesday! I'm so glad he liked it. We love it, too.

  2. Hang in there, not too much longer and you'll all be home again.