Saturday, October 6, 2012

Final Round, Day 2

(I wanted to title this post "Last Day 2" but I thought that might be confusing. It's interesting, I am so eager for this to be over that I keep thinking to myself, "maybe this is the last time for this or that!?")

The door to our room doesn't open quite right. It's been a source of annoyance and amusement all day. Now it's just annoying. Since they've tried to fix it twice and it still seems not to be working, I finally said, "it just has to make it for a month, then it's your problem..."

Ok, enough future-looking.
Back to today.

A quiet and uneventful day.
Sam ate a lot of hummus and pita chips (okay, he pretty much ONLY ate hummus and pita chips. Variety is NOT the word of the day). Drank water each time the timer quacked. Did his mouthwashes and eye drops. Watched a movie. Took a walk. Beat me (repeatedly) at Wii games. Tutored Grandma in DragonVale. Did math homework and read to me in Spanish. Had a short but really cool visit from some nice volunteers who played a Tibetan bowl with Sam. (See below for pics)

So far...we are staying ahead of the nausea and hoping for a quiet night.

Like I said, uneventful.
It's just how I like it.
Give me boring. Please.

We might be quiet for a few days due to the upcoming Simchat Torah holiday so no fretting, alright?


  1. Just pray for good health for all. And I'm waiting for the post about the first post-chemo haircut.

  2. Singing bowls have good energy. :) Chag sameach maleh tikva v' bracha.