Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Snippets {R4, Day 24}

Another day on the HOT unit....with not much to report.
Sam is still neutropenic.

And while I'm totally impatient and frankly, worried, by the lack of any neutrophils (and therefore an immune system to speak of), the medical staff are unconcerned.

I mean seriously unconcerned.

Not even a glimmer of concern.

Which should make me very very very happy.

And I am. Totally glad that they are unconcerned. That there is nothing to worry about.

Has that ever stopped me before!?

Each day that he is neutropenic there is still cause for nervous worrying.
But since they are unconcerned...okay, I'll try.

Tomorrow is Day 25. It's been our going-home day twice now. Sigh.
I'm trying really really hard not to make a big deal about how many days it has been. I don't think Sam really knows what day he went home last round.

But trust me...he's ready.

Ready to do his homework at HOME. (and his schoolwork at SCHOOL)
Ready to lay around on the living room floor.
Ready to give up the regular vital-sign-checks.
So... in the meantime, we welcome visitors, read books, play video games, take walks, make up imaginary Harry-Potter-ish spells, and generally wreak havoc on the HOT unit....
Best hospital playdate ever! Thanks, J, CJ, and K for a great hang-out!
Fighting imaginary wizardy bad guys
Cats HATE baths
Maybe tomorrow is the day.
And if not, maybe the next day.
It will happen, that's what they keep telling me. And so I continue to have faith....

To all our friends and loved ones in the path of the storms...we pray for your safety and well-being! Much love from our little nest in Cancerland.

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