Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7:30am Yesterday...Mission Take Sam Home

Ok, I skipped one blog entry and got straight to the good stuff, Sam at home yesterday.

The truth is, when the nurse and then the doctor told me we could take Sam home yesterday I was like, "You want me to what? What was the middle part again?" I was happy, worried, sad that I had to miss dinner with some friends from camp and petrified...I was petrified because I knew I had to somehow carefully dismantle Sam's entire room and pack weeks worth of stuff in a few hours. Hundreds of photos, posters and letters had to be removed from the Wall-O-Sam and preserved for Sam to look through on the other end of this long road.
My fears were put to rest when the cavalry arrived in the form of our good friends Michelle and Aviva.
Without their help I never could have gotten the room prepared for Sam's departure. With their arrival all my fears dissipated as we all got to work, talking, laughing with Sam and reverse-engineering all the love, prayers, cards and pictures into a portable form.  The pictures came down revealing a door, some walls - a room minus the life your prayers and love filled it with.
 The pictures piled up on the bed one by one, so many smiles and superheroes cheering for this day.
Smiles and balloons and Angry Birds!
Until there were none. Returned to its original state, a room waiting to be filled with fear, tears and sadness before it can be filled with hope. Empty, the room waits for the next family to fill it with the next child who needs it. My hope is someday these rooms stand empty, a day where all our prayers are answered. If that day isn't possible then I wish for a time when families are in and out so quickly they only need be admitted for a day or so before their lives are turned back to normal. I don't wish this room on anyone. But I do wish all families had such an incredible support group as we have. I know our nurses and doctors loved Sam with all their ability to make him comfortable and give him the best treatment and care. Their smiles, laughter and training brought Sam and us through the worst month of our life. 

I wish we could be there for any family that needed us to fill these walls with love, hope and prayer whenever our Bat Signal or Spidey senses went off. All the hope, prayers, love, cards, pictures and posters gave me the strength to look each day in the eye and count all the blessings that filled our every day even when Sam was feeling his worst.
Yes, I went through the day with fear of being fully responsible for Sam's health, flushing his lines and bathing him carefully. I took these photos not knowing what the next ten days hold. I looked forward to all the laughter and smiles without the sounds of hospital bells and whistles.

So our initial time has been served. The joy that fills my heart knows no bounds. Sammy is joyously taking in being home, seeing his family and friends, eating the foods he loves and sleeping in his own bed. Thank you all for taking this journey with us and filling our lives with such incredible prayers and love.

Phyl's turn:
People have asked us - what's next? So a quick run-down of answers:

1. What's the time frame?
We don't have all the answers but for sure we will go back to the hospital for the second round of chemo. When I mentioned to the nurse that they might just forget about us....she laughed and told me that isn't possible. Oh well. We will probably be back in the hospital sometime around next weekend for another full month. (And then we'll lather, rinse, repeat...)

2. What if we want to send Sam mail? What if we already sent something to the hospital?
We asked them to hold any mail that was sent to Sam. Hopefully they will do so! If something gets returned to sender - we are sorry! If you are planning to send Sam mail, please wait! We will let you know when we go back to the hospital and you can send it then. Sam loves all the mail so thank you thank you thank you!

3. Is he allowed to do "normal stuff"?
We are very excited that he is allowed to do a lot of what he likes to do. No swimming, thanks to the central line, and he is very sensitive to sunlight. Other than that, we have a lot of clearance. He's so excited to go to the movies and eat his favorite stuff.

Thank you for all the love. My heart is so full....


  1. Wonderful news. enjoy
    It's almost frightening how quickly you can turn a hospital room into a "home."
    I also remember the fright when I was told I could take my baby home early after he had been hospitalized almost 6 weeks with an infection. That was almost 29 years ago and the feeling remains close to the surface.

  2. Wonderful news! We will make sure to send more mail when he goes in for round 2. Prayers will continue to be with you.

  3. I am so happy Sammy is home, I am so happy that all his family is happy and together again! God heard all yours and your prayers for Sammy's health! Each Friday night we were sending prayers; many and many times I was sending my positive energy toward Sammy; many and many times I was meditated and like in Deja vue, I saw Sammy is doing better and going home. Because all of us, all the community, all communities in the country were standing by you, Sammy and by your family, praying for health. I would like to send you the song "Stand by me", John Lennon, Beatles. I don't know if I copy the correct link; if not you could find it at, just type "stand by me" and you have to find the song singing by John Lennon.
    I am so happy u are home again and I wish u health and to fight that illness and to be recovered pretty soon!

    Toni Stavrakova( Abigail)

  4. Great to know he's home where he can be in the most familiar and friendly surroundings. Be well and keep up the great work. We, in my group, are honored we could be of any assistance.