Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Shabbat and Beyond!

When we last left our hero....we were headed up to OSRUI.

Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Shabbat at camp is an amazing thing in a normal situation.
But for us...Shabbat at camp was like manna from heaven. We really and truly felt like the whole camp was giving us a big hug.

Swinging outside the Lodge
David was overjoyed to see Sam (and Yael). It was really like we (his parents, who gave him life...) did not matter at all. In the grand scheme, this is awesome and wonderful. I love that he is so content at camp that our presence did not cause instant homesickness. We hung back a little, to let him show off his sibs, and it was really lovely to see the three of them sit together for Kabbalat Shabbat services.

David introduced Sam to all his buddies. It was adorable.

Sam sat with David in the Tzofim section...I only checked on them twice and I only put hand sanitizer on Sammy um...four billion times.
Solly didn't join us but isn't this a nice picture!? Thanks to the JazzRabbi for taking it!
The rest of our Shabbat was relatively unremarkable, which is so lovely to say.

Today, David came home from camp just for two nights, and I don't yet have any pictures of the Sommer Four....but of course, I will. I was scolded tonight for not having written a blog post, and I must tell you....I'm so glad that I have nothing to say.

Aside from an enormous battle to take the two-day-a-week-antibiotic (we only take it on Saturdays and Sundays), there is really no medical stuff going on in our lives. What a nice thing. I am a little nervous about him all the time...I'm sure that won't change for a long time. Every so often I find myself forgetting that something is "wrong" with him...and then I just glance at his cute little bald head and it comes crashing back to me....

We're expecting a visit from the home health nurse on Wednesday to draw a set of we can determine if we go back to the hospital on Friday or Monday. If you don't hear from me for a few days....don't panic. I promise we are trying to do normal boring things like go to the movies, build Legos, hang out in the backyard, and clean the basement.


Other things going on....

The Blood, Sweat and Tears Charity Bike Ride of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is on September 30th. Our friend Ellie has created Team SuperSam and you can join in to raise money for this incredible organization devoted to eliminating cancers just like Sam's.

Two other Cancer Warriors are doing their own Team in Training and honoring my Sammy. Click here for Ken's page and here for Brad's page. (Brad is doing the same ride that is linked above...he is doing the endurance part of the ride but you can do a 5 mile family bike too!)

We also hear that you can eat at CPK to donate to LLS, which is just a fun way to both eat and help out...
 (I am not necessarily endorsing anything or telling you to do them, just wanted to pass on these great possibilities.)


  1. Yay for nothing exciting. Sam, your smile is fantastic - it's good to be at camp, isn't it? I missed you by a day - I was there today for Chalutzim visitor day. It was so hot!!!! When are you old enough to go to camp? Sorry we missed you.Glad you had such a great Shabbat at camp!

  2. LOVE the picture. You guys look so happy.