Monday, July 9, 2012

Marshmallow Blow Darts!

What day is complete without pelting your nurses with mini-marshmallows shot out of your marshmallow blow darts?

Sammy had an incredible day of friends, walks and mail today.

In the morning Sam's friend Adina visited with her mom, Debbie and our friend Paula. Sam and Adina played games, colored and played with action figures.
After Sam devoured a hot dog for lunch... chased with a vanilla shake, we walked downstairs to cruise the gift shop. When mail call came we opened some amazing care packages. The Debbie Turner Cancer Care and Resource Center sent us an amazing amount of superhero action figures and a gorilla named Rufus.
The action figures saw an incredible amount of playtime when Sam's friend Asher visited again in the afternoon. The boys and Asher's mom walked around in the Healing Garden while I led afternoon minyan with Dr. David Margolis and Dr. Alan Silverman. The minyan is small but growing as five of us prayed together for healing for all the patients here.

Back upstairs the boys played xBox together, played with Rufus the Gorilla and the action heroes, played Tap Frog and Surfacer+ on the iPad and ate dinner watching Fairly Odd Parents.

I've been saying these last few days that I'm good when Sammy is doing great. I worry less, I relish all his eating, his joy and his snarky comments. All that combined together helps me know that he is feeling much better. The doctors are waiting for his ANC number to be 200 so that they can send us home for a week of respite before his next round of chemo. His number keeps climbing and moving with a mind of its own. Numbers aside, I see a Sammy I haven't seen in three weeks.

May all the numbers climb to their healthy levels and allow Sammy (and all of us) to reap the reward of his recovering system sitting together at home.
Beware of the Marshmallow Shooters!


  1. I'm so happy you had a happy, hopeful day. Keeping you all in my prayers (and I used to pray professionally, so I'm damned good at it! :-D)


  2. Sammy, you look amazing! Kind of like the brainiest or superheroes...So glad you had a good day today. I think of you alot, and your mom and dad....anyway, hope tomorrow is good too!

  3. Sam looks like a "Dragon Ball Z" character in this picture.

    Uncle Josh

  4. Dear Sam,

    Glad that you're feeling well, eating and visiting with friends. I think of you and your family everyday and am sending all of you xoxo from NYC.