Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gold Medalist Sam (Round 2, Day 7)

If any of these were Olympic sports, Sam would be in strong contention for the gold medal in each one:

Nurse- and doctor-baiting/teasing/flirting: Sam has made a friend in one of the residents, Dr. L, and he spent the evening watching Olympics with her (and making her chase the paper airplane they were tossing back and forth). She even joined us on our walking laps. He chats with the nurses, he flirts with them, he listens to what they say and calls them out on it if they don't follow through...suddenly he is the polite, engaging, wonderful young man that I remember from about 2 months ago.
And wonder of wonders, he rested his head on my knee...
Lap-Walking: Wow. He completed 5 laps this morning, and when I suggested more this evening he balked. But then, he did it. He agreed...and he even did one above the negotiated number - and he was speedy! Plus, afterwards, he decided that we would hang out in the common space to watch the Olympics. We were joined by a handful of nurses and the on-call resident too...he was the life of the party! They laughed at his comments (like when one of the gymnasts hesitated on her bars routine, he said "maybe she has a boyfriend and she stopped because she was thinking about him." Where does he come up with this stuff!?) and they were impressed with his many, many (many) questions.
The Lap Counting Board
Question-Asking and Conversation-Making: Double wow. Question after question about everything. So much talking. Even when sitting on the toilet (too much information?), even when feeling pretty crummy - sick to his stomach and some painful stomach cramps - even then, he kept up a running dialogue. I loved every minute of it. Even if sometimes it gets a little overwhelming to answer question after question - thanks be to God.

Adapting/Growing Up/Being Resilient: Looking back just a few short weeks, I can't tell you how different Sam is now. Tonight he threw up (into a bucket, in the hallway, with the assistance of a handful of nurses) and then looked at me and told me that we were going back out into the common room to keep watching the Olympics. Totally unfazed. He isn't really eating...he's back on IV nutrition, but I think that Michael and I will get Calm Parent Medals for this one - last time it really freaked us out but this time we were much more comfortable with this as a "normal" part of the process. And we know that it isn't a permanent state of affairs.
There's the All-Around Gold Medalist himself.
Funny, quirky, witty, curious and all-around awesome kid.
I'm a lucky mama.


  1. 10 points for everything! And some for you too :)

  2. Definitely a gold medal for Sam...and two for his parents. You guys all deserve to be on the medal stand! xoxo.

  3. a gold medal for yacking in a bucket and moving right away to the next movement. Nice flow!

  4. If Sam were a super hero...he'd be..QUESTION BOY?!? .. Unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound, not faster than a speeding bullet...Question Boy wears down his adversaries with an endless stream of questions until they yield...