Sunday, January 12, 2014

Present Tense

We put on a movie, and Yael says: "oh, I saw part of this with Sammy once. He loves this movie."

I am playing with Solly and I ask which color he likes best.
"Green," he says.
"Sammy loved green," I say.
"Yes, Sammy loves green," he responds.

They talk about Sammy in the present tense.

I wish they were right.


  1. We do, too.

    It's beautiful that he's still so alive for his siblings. May they hold on to that.

  2. That's the way it should be. Don't correct them Phyllis. He's with them, just in the Next World not in This World.

  3. wishing you warmth and strenghth.

  4. Friday night, I dreamt I was telling my sister that she needed to update her FB to let everyone know what was up with her, but then I was laughing and crying because it was so ridiculous. She asked why I was laughing and I said "Because you're so present to me, and I forget that you're gone for everyone else. That's so sad and so funny, isn't it?" I guess that is just the way things go with loss...present yet gone....somehow gone just doesn't compute, whereas present seems so much more possible. Crazy, no?

  5. Present. Perfect. You're all "right." Please keep sharing Sammy with us.

  6. I AGREE WITH MIGUEL!!! Yes, please. Present always.

  7. I still use present tense too. Because <3. (And does that have to make sense?)